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John Infantino

John Davis Infantino (born January 14, 1968) was a supervising director, writer and storyboard artist for Regular Show.[1] He has also worked on other Cartoon Network shows, such as Camp Lazlo, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Adventure Time and Chowder. He attended Cornell University.[1]

When asked how it feels to be close to 200 episodes, Infantino explains: "It gets pretty hard when you’re trying to come up with a 189th idea. Just when you think you’re completely out of ideas of what’s happened, you talk about something about what’s happened to you and it opens up a whole mother load of ideas.”[2] He also has a black belt in some form of martial art.[3] Although he has writing credits for Season 7, he left the show after Season 6. He went to work at Warner Bros. Animation as a writer on Wabbit for a few episodes. Currently, he's the writer and story editor of Star vs the Forces of Evil starting on its 2nd season.

He is from New York City and resides in Los Angeles, California.[4]

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