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This is about Margaret's cousin, the orange bird. If you were looking for Muscle Man's older brother, see here.

John is the cousin of Margaret, as revealed in the episode "Yes Dude Yes". When Mordecai first sees him, he's bending on one knee, as if proposing. Also, Margaret said, "Yes dude, yes", leading Mordecai to believe that she was accepting a request to be married. This sends Mordecai into a state of depression. It is later confirmed that he was her cousin and she had screamed "Yes dude, yes!" because he had gotten a new leg. John later goes to see Lovebot 2 with Mordecai after Margaret, CJ, and Rigby turn Mordecai down. John reappears in the episode Family BBQ, where he is shown playing football with Mordecai and Frank Smith. John's wooden leg accidentally flies away when he kicks the football, but Mordecai easily catches both the football and the wooden leg.


John is an orange bird that is most likely meant to be an Oriole, although this is unconfirmed. He appears to be buff. He is almost the same height as Mordecai, the latter being slightly taller. He wears a white and grayish-plaid shirt, black pants, and brown shoes. He also has a wooden leg. He might be 6'2".

Episode Appearances


  • His prosthetic leg is made of wood.
  • Even though Margaret is a robin, John appears to be a Baltimore Oriole.
  • It is unknown how he lost his leg.
  • John is the second amputee on Regular Show; the first being Techmo in "Skips vs. Technology".
  • There are two relatives on Regular Show named John, with him being one of them.
  • His hairstyle looks similar to Mordecai's when Mordecai used gel in his hair in "The Unicorns Have Got to Go".
  • He is the only orange bird out of Margaret's family.
  • He appears to enjoy cheesy romantic comedies, especially the Lovebot series. 
  • He is the only one in Margaret's family to appear before the episode "Family BBQ". 


"Yes Dude Yes"

"Family BBQ"

"1000th Chopper Flight Party"