Joel, Fi, & Kai
S8E20.037 We'll gladly die to make sure you get there to watch that tape
Biographical Information
Home: Video Store
Occupation: Video store worker

Agents for "the Chosen One"

Species: Human
Gender: Male (Joel)

Female (Fi & Kai)

Hair color: Brown (Joel)

Pink (Fi)
Blonde (Kai)

Show Information
Voiced by: Feodor Chin (Joel)

Kate Higgins (Fi & Kai)

Appears in: "The Ice Tape"

Joel, Fi, & Kai are minor characters of Regular Show who made their debut in the Season Eight episode, "The Ice Tape". They worked in a video store on an icy planet and they're also agents for "The Chosen One" who are willing to die for him.


Joel hair is brown and he has a winter hat and a winter jacket

Fi has pink hair has a ski mask and a winter jacket

Kai has white hair and a winter jacket


All three are somewhat dimwitted and can't get out of life-threatening situations despite the low difficulty of these tasks. They are selfless and don't seem to have much self-respect. They are very friendly to anyone coming into their shop, possibly due to how isolated and deserted it is.




  • Like they said they were willing to do in the beginning of the episode, all three of them do end up dying: Joel is eaten by a fish, Fi by a monster, and Kai falls to her death after shoving one over the edge of the waterfall.


"The Ice Tape"

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