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Biographical Information
Occupation: TV Store Warehouse employee (formerly)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Relatives: Unknown
Show Information
Voiced by: Roger Craig Smith
First appearance: "Rage Against the TV"
Latest appearance: "Chili Cook-Off"

Jimmy is a teenager who formerly worked at TV Store Warehouse. He is a friend of Muscle Man, and it is known that he owes Muscle Man something. He got fired from his job because his boss found out that he gave Muscle Man a free black-and-white TV so that Mordecai and Rigby could defeat The Hammer.

After walking into the house during the battle against The Hammer and asking if he could crash there for a few days, he got hit by The Hammer's big ball of energy, soared out of the house, and  died in the medium-sized explosion. However he is seen in later episodes.


Jimmy has messy brown hair and a brown soulpatch. He wears his work uniform, which consists of a blue polo shirt with a nametag, as well as grey pants.


  • There are four other characters in Regular Show named Jimmy.
  • Jimmy is one of Muscle Man's "many" friends.
  • Jimmy was killed when The Hammer shot him with his energy ball.
  • Goof: Even though he supposedly died, he made several appearances in future episodes.
  • Jimmy is also seen again in Big Winner during Skips's flaskback where Muscle Man was tricked by Biggs.
  • A similar character to Jimmy named Timmy appears in the later episode The Last Laserdisc Player.


"Rage Against the TV"

"Big Winner"

"That's My Television"

"Laundry Woes"

"Chili Cook-Off"

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