Biographical Information
Occupation: Death Kwon Do: Pizza and Subs Apprentice (Formerly)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black
Show Information
Voiced by: Rich Sommer
Appears in: "Death Kwon Do-Livery"

Jerry was the Death Kwon Do Sensei's apprentice, he serves as the hidden main antagonist in Death Kwon Do-Livery. He may have Death Kwon Do knowledge. However, he lacks patience and wisdom.


3 weeks before the time of the episode, Jerry started working for the sensei at Death Kwon Do: Pizza and Subs, but thought that the sensei was making him work too hard, especially after he was told that he wasn't allowed to eat the Death Kwon Do: Sandwich of Health. When Mordecai and Rigby come to the restaurant one day, they order a soda, so Jerry makes it for them, they then ask for something healthy, so the Death Kwon Do sensei shows them the Sandwich of Health, he eats it and passes out. Jerry goes to the hospital with Mordecai and Rigby and is told that he needs to go with Mordecai and Rigby to the Death Kwon Do Hospital and pick up a new stomach, he would prefer to go alone but allows them to come. After fighting many Death Kwon Do enemies in the hospital, the holder of the Death Kwon Do Stomach puts it in a box and adds some ice, Jerry then betrays everybody by making the holder disappear and stealing the stomach, as he reveals that although he was not allowed, the started eating a lot of Sandwiches of Health and his stomach was going to blow up soon. Mordecai and Rigby chase after him and end up getting the stomach back. They give it to the Sensei, but then Jerry comes into the hospital, gets everybody away, then decides to give himself the surgery, but passes out when starting. Mordecai and Rigby then beat him up and he claims not to feel a thing, he is then thrown under a machine that collapses, and claims that he can feel that. Later, a cop is walking him into a room on a wheelchair, before going to prison.


  • Jerry presumably died in prison due to him not getting the Death-Kwon Do stomach in time.