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Jeremy is a character who was introduced in "Replaced". He was meant to be the replacement for Mordecai at The Park. Benson later offered him and Chad the job after firing Mordecai and Rigby, but they both turned it down and flew away with their phones. He has a degree in technology, along with his best friend, Chad. He and Chad had a cameo in "Every Meat Burritos."


Jeremy has white feathers, a gray tail, and an orange beak. He wears black, thick rimmed glasses, a red pullover hoodie, black jeans, and white sneakers.


  • He received a degree from The Institute of Technical Technology along with his best friend, Chad.
  • Unlike Mordecai, he wears clothes. The same goes for Chad.
  • Like Chad, Jeremy's attitude and appearance seems to fit with the stereotypical "hipster" subculture. He is wearing a hoodie, skinny-jeans, and thick framed glasses, has a snobby, unenthusiastic personality, and uses a supposedly Apple product.
  • Chad and Jeremy are possibly named after the English folk musicians Chad & Jeremy. This is the sort of music they would listen to, and Jeremy's glasses appear to be based on the real life Jeremy. 
  • He has a close resemblance to the Pokémon birds Zapdos and Delibird.
  • Despite being an ostrich, he more closely resembles a goose.
  • He and Chad have the same voice actor.
  • Affably Evil


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"Every Meat Burritos"