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Jennifer R. Hale[1] (born January 1, 1972)[2] (also known as Carren Learning)[3] is an American voice actress for Regular Show.[1][3] On Regular Show, her first role was providing the voice of Veronica, a former girlfriend of Benson's, in the episode "Mordecai and the Rigbys." However, the scene was cut from the episode, having not made it to the animation stage. Nonetheless, she was still credited in the episode. She would not voice act for the show again until "Family BBQ", three seasons later, voicing Margaret's mother Denise. She has since become an occasional voice actress for the show. A full list of the characters she has voiced can be viewed below.

Early life

Jennifer R. Hale was born on January 30, 1972 in Goose Bay, Newfoundland, Canada and was raised in Birmingham, Alabama.[1] Her biological father is an outdoorsman and her mother was an epidemiologist.[4] After her mother and father separated, she and her mother moved to the American South, where her mother met a microbiologist, who later became Hale's step-father. Her step-father also researched for the Gates Foundation.[4][5] She graduated high school at Alabama School.[1] She attended the Alabama School of Fine Arts at a young age.[6] She worked as a production assistant while still attending school; her first acting role was providing voices on a local radio station.[4][6] She then graduated college at the Birmingham-Southern College, earning a degree in Business, though she later admitted the college did not suit her tastes.[4]


Following graduation she made her professional acting debut in 1988 in the television movie A Father's Homecoming.[7] She also appeared on a couple episodes of the soap opera Santa Barbara, as well as the series Melrose Place, ER and Charmed.[4] She then began her voice acting career in 1993, starting on the series Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? in 1994.[3][4] After struggling with voice acting, she enrolled in voiceover classes to improve her skills.[4] Her first video game role was in the video game version of Carmen Sandiego, and then voice acting in Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness that same year.[4][6] She has participated in hundreds of cartoons and series of different genres, including commercials.[4][8] Some of her roles include providing the voice of Ms. Keane, Princess Morbucks, Mary and Sedusa in The Powerpuff Girls, Cinderella in the House of Mouse, Izita in 3Below: Tales of Arcadia, Samantha in Totally Spies, Billy's Mom in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Carmelita in The Tick.[1]

When asked if she had a preference for wacky characters or serious characters, she said she enjoyed both equally: "I like them both for different reasons. I like the wacky ones because you rarely get to get out of your own serious character. With the strong ones, it's great to lead. You get to set the tone and call people into battle and make it happen."[8] Her voice acting agency is SBV (Sutton, Barth & Vennari).[9]

Guinness World Records named Hale "the most prolific female video game voice actor" in 2013.[10]

Voice credits

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Season 1

  1. "Mordecai and the Rigbys" - Veronica

Season 4

  1. "Family BBQ" - Denise, Susie
  2. "Steak Me Amadeus" - Hostess, Woman 1, Agent Kessler

Season 5

  1. "Laundry Woes" - Mail Woman, Student Girl
  2. "The Thanksgiving Special" - Mordecai's Mom, Thomas' Mom

Season 6

  1. "1000th Chopper Flight Party - Denise Smith, Jackie Carmichael

Season 7

  1. "Local News Legend" - Jackie Carmichael

Personal life

Hale holds dual Canadian and American citizenship.[4] In her spare time, she enjoys climbing, skiing and riding.[11] She is also a CERT trained volunteer rescue worker and volunteers for a group that rescues horses in advance of oncoming brush fires.[11] She is good friends with fellow Regular Show voice actor Nolan North.[4] She resides in Los Angeles, California.[12]

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