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Jeff Bennett
Jeff bennett
Full name: Jeffrey Glenn Bennett
Birth date: October 2, 1962
Birth place: Houston, Texas
Occupation: Voice actor
Education: Alley Theatre
Children: 1 daughter

Jeffrey Glenn "Jeff" Bennett[1] (also credited as Jeff Glen Bennett and alterations of this omitting the last "n" and "t")[2] (born October 2, 1962)[2] is an occasional voice actor for Regular Show. On Regular Show, he voiced Hi Five Ghost in his debut episode, "Just Set Up the Chairs", before being replaced by series creator J.G. Quintel in the following episodes. The reason for this remains unknown. Regardless, he continues to voice other characters such as Party Pete. Other roles he's played can be viewed below.

Early life

Jeffrey Glenn Bennett was born on October 2, 1962 in Houston, Texas.[2] Bennett claims as a child impressionist Rich Little inspired him to do impressions and began his love of doing voices.[3] He attended college at Alley Theatre.[3]


He is known for voicing such characters as Johnny Bravo in the series of the same name, Dexter's dad from Dexter's Laboratory, Raj, Samson, and Commander Hoo Ha in Camp Lazlo, and Kowalski in The Penguins of Madagascar.[4] He has been nominated for an Annie Award twice for playing Johnny Bravo and finally won an Annie for voicing Kowalski.[4] He was also nominated for a DVD Premiere Award for voicing Tom in the Tom and Jerry film Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring.[4] His voice acting agency is Sutton, Barth & Vennari.[1] He has also voice acted in such video games as Kingdom Hearts.[3]

Voice credits

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Season One

  1. "Just Set Up the Chairs" - Hi Five Ghost, Pony, Jimmy
  2. "Caffeinated Concert Tickets" - TV Voice, Ticket Guy
  3. "The Unicorns Have Got to Go" - Commercial VO
  4. "Rigby's Body" - Basketball, Kid

Season Two

  1. "Party Pete" - Party Pete, Guy, Centaur
  2. "Grave Sights" - Hero Dude, Guy #3
  3. "Really Real Wrestling" - Sarge

Season Three

  1. "Eggscellent" - Easton, Manager, Knight
  2. "Out of Commission" - Axyl, Jerry, Larry

Season Four

  1. "Sandwich of Death" - Jingle, Axe Guy #1, Giant
  2. "Ace Balthazar Lives" - Ace Balthazar, Knight, Witness 2
  3. "That's My Television" - Chief Executive, Son, Magician
  4. "Party Re-Pete" - Peter (Party Pete's true identity), Guard, Officer 1

Season Five

  1. "Power Tower" - Judge, Body Builder, Chaz McAllister

Season Six

  1. "Gamers Never Say Die" - Eggscellent Knight, Maury Moto, Petition Guy
  2. "Garage Door" - Eggscellent Knight, Bolt Keeper, Garage Door Salesman
  3. "Death Kwon Do-Livery" - Doctor, Randall

Season Seven

  1. "Terror Tales of the Park V" - Repairman, Trip, Rasta the Wishmaker
  2. "Benson's Pig" - Apple Sauce, Good Cop, SWAT Guy
  3. "Win That Prize" - Cowboy, Clown

Personal life

Bennett has a daughter.[3]

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