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Jan the Wallpaper Man (or simply known as Jan or The Wallpaper Man) is the main antagonist in the Wallpaper Man story in "Terror Tales of the Park II." At first glance, he is a simple, middle-aged, worker for hire guy, but in reality, he uses his wallpapering skills as an opportunity to feed himself. His true form is a giant, evil, predatory tarantula. He was killed at the end of "Terror Tales of the Park II" by Muscle Man's grenades.


When disguised as a man, he has fair skin, light-blond hair, forehead wrinkles, and a cleft chin. He wears square glasses, a red collared shirt with rolled-up sleeves, grey-brown wallpaper overalls, and brown shoes.

In his true form, he is a gigantic tarantula predator with six red eyes and black/grey hair.


  • Wallpapering: He can spin silk that looks like red and black wallpaper.


  • He is similar to Edgar the Bug from Men in Black because Jan was a huge animal cramped inside a human body.
  • He is credited as "Politician Dude."
  • When he turns into a spider, the sound that plays is from Happy Wheels.