Jackie Carmichael was originally a minor character in Regular Show. She made her debut in the Season 6 episode 1000th Chopper Flight Party. She was first seen as Frank Smith's co-worker for Chopper 6. In reality, she was a cyborg from the future, who planned to destroy Margaret's life, and destroying Local News' reputation, thus making her being one of the minor antagonists in the series.


In "1000th Chopper Flight Party", she was Frank's co-worker. She was known to be a little cocky because she kept thinking that she would get the special seat for Chopper 6. Jackie was also known to be rude. When Frank was about to announce who would get the special seat for Chopper 6, she automatically assumed it was her and was about to get on the helicopter, but Frank announced Mordecai was the one. Shocked and angry, Jackie got off the Chopper 6, and walked away muttering.

She later reappears in "Local News Legend", where she's concerned that Frank Smith will let Margaret go undercover because the mortality rates for undercover reporters were high. It was later discovered that she was a cyborg from the future trying to destroy Local News' reputation. Ultimately, she seemingly died trying to stop Margaret in a car chase but the ending showing that she had survived.


Jackie wears a human disguise. The disguise has short brown curled hair, light skin, and wears red lipstick. She also wears a red shirt, gray pants, and black shoes.

In her news uniform, she wears a black suit with a black skirt, a light pink collared shirt underneath her suit, and red high heels.


  • She seemed to like Frank and often tried to seek his attention.
  • Her traits are similar to those Terminators' antagonists:
    • Being a female antagonist like T-X/Terminatrix.
    • Her power is similar to that of T-1000.


"1000th Chopper Flight Party"

"Local News Legend"

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