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"It's Time" is the second episode in Season Two (and the fourteenth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on January 3, 2011.


Rigby repeatedly makes Mordecai jealous when he announces his plan to go out on a date with Margaret.


A trailer of "Zombie Dinner Party", a new horror film about zombies killing people, is watched by Mordecai and Rigby at The Coffee Shop. Rigby has 2 tickets to see it, while Mordecai has 2 tickets to go see Pajama Sisters 2 with Margaret. However, he hesitates in asking Margaret if she would like to come with him, and Rigby's jokes making Margaret laugh only anger him further. As Margaret brings their food, she brings the wrong food for Rigby, due to her being stressed out about moving that day. Mordecai offers to help her move to create an opportunity to ask her out; however, this is tarnished when Rigby asks to come along.

Once at Margaret's apartment, as they load the boxes into the moving truck, Mordecai tries to tell her about the tickets, but continues to hesitate. Rigby, once again, makes another joke, making Mordecai jealous. To taunt Mordecai, Rigby asks Margaret to see "Zombie Dinner Party" with him. She accepts, making Mordecai even more jealous. Rigby is willing to cancel his date with Margaret on the condition that Mordecai admit his jealousy, but Mordecai is unwilling to do so and the date proceeds.

At the house, Rigby continues to taunt Mordecai about his date with Margaret. A few hours later, Rigby looks at the time to see when he leaves to go on his date with Margaret, only to realize that the battery on his watch has been taken by Mordecai. Mordecai then takes all the clocks in the house (while being chased by Rigby) and shoves them in a microwave to melt them, so that Rigby is unable to know what time his date is. The two proceed to fight over the clocks, but a sudden electrical surge transports Mordecai, Rigby, and the microwave through a time warp to another dimension.

Holding onto the microwave in fear, they quarrel over the ordeal with Margaret. Mordecai blames Rigby for wrecking his chances to ask out Margaret. Rigby insults Mordecai and shoves him, leading Mordecai to push him off of the microwave, killing him. Mordecai, horrified at what he has done, is taken to a flat surface somewhere in space, where everything is invisible. Father Time, a fiendish being made entirely out of clocks, manifests and confronts Mordecai about his destructive behavior involving microwaved clocks. Mordecai apologizes but denies any harmful intentions. Father Time scolds Mordecai for not only wasting time but also causing the demise of Rigby. Mordecai asks Father Time to revive Rigby, but Father Time refuses to because he explains that it's impossible since the person's body has turned into star-stuff. Mordecai is left to spend eternity at the end of time due to his jealousy. This leads to an argument between Mordecai and Father Time. Eventually, Father Time reveals Mordecai's jealousy through a revealing mechanism called the "Truth Hole" and advises him to confront his emotions. Despite his irritation, Father Time gives Mordecai a second chance, cautioning him against repeating his mistakes. Gratefully, Mordecai accepts the opportunity and rides a Time Pony back to where the episode began. Rigby, who has turned up alive and well after Mordecai's murder, once again asks Mordecai to go with him to "Zombie Dinner Party". Mordecai agrees to go this time, and then, unsuccessfully, tries to make a joke for Margaret. Rigby interrupts once again, and makes his joke, causing her to laugh again. Rigby sees Mordecai is jealous; at first, Mordecai denies this, but then stops and states that he's "maybe a little bit" jealous after realizing that time would repeat itself, thus ending the episode.






Episode Connections[]

Pop Culture References[]

  • One of the scenes shown in the movie trailer for "Zombie Dinner Party," namely the one in which several zombie hands break through a wall in order to grab a police officer, is reminiscent of a scene from 1985's zombie movie Day of the Dead. The character of Sarah, an American researcher living in an underground military bunker, walks towards a wall in order to change the date of a calendar only to have several zombie hands burst through the wall. Both the police officer and Sarah are located in a similar white room with neon-lights. Also of note is the fact that both scenes involve sleep: the police officer is woken up by the zombies and Sarah was merely dreaming the zombie attack and is woken up from it.

Production Notes[]

  • This is the first Regular Show episode to air in 2011.

Alternate Versions[]


  • The Pajama Sisters 2 trailer was removed.