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The Internet, later known as Streaming, is the secondary antagonist of Regular Show. He is the ultimate interconnected computer network that links together countless computers from around the world and allows for the exchange of near-limitless data. However, the Internet/Streaming is also a sentient and evil being who seeks to destroy all who oppose it, as well as any obsolete formats. He first appeared as his original Internet form in the episode "Format Wars II", and re-appeared as his current Streaming form in Meet the Seer onwards until the finale.


The Internet was recruited by DVD to aid in his second Format Wars against the Laserdisk Guardian and the Guardians of Obsolete Formats. The Internet proved to be a merciless and powerful foe during their battle, but when DVD and Laserdisk made amends after finding out they were father and son, the Internet destroyed the Laserdisk, claiming that all obsolete formats must be destroyed, much to DVD's anger. The Internet then revealed that he planned to destroy DVD and all other formats from the beginning due to believing itself to be the greatest format for entertainment. The Internet then took control of DVD's DVD soldiers and Wi-Fi mechs. DVD then joined forces with the Guardians and Mordecai, Rigby and Benson in order to stop the chaotic internet. After trying to fend off the Internet and giving Benson the code to regain control of DVD's army, they used all their might to destroy the Wi-Fi tower from which the Internet controlled his body. With the tower destroyed, the Internet was rendered unable to fight and the group celebrated their victory by watching a movie on an unmentioned format with Archie's ghost. However, unbeknownst to them is that they were still being watched by the Internet's severed router head who swore he would return.


Streaming's original form, Internet

As the Internet, it is mostly a sentient network of interconnected computers and data that exist only through Wi-Fi servers and thus has no actual physical form, however it has a robotic body which it can control and empower through Wi-Fi servers. The Internet's robot body resembles a black machine with a square black body with red lights and rectangular arms and legs that are detached from its body and float in midair. Its head resembles an Internet Wi-Fi router and it is through it that the internet is able to control its robot body via servers. As ''Streaming Form'', he resembles Yellow Devil from Mega Man video games and shockwave from transformers. 


The Internet/Streaming is a cold and calculating entity with no concept of mercy or emotions and exists only to crush all those that it deems obsolete or get in its way simply for the "lolz". It has no tolerance for formats that it deems obsolete and appears to take pride in its ability to easily stream poorly compressed media on the web to countless viewers with more efficiency than TV ever did, and as such it views the TV as a "dead" format as well. When asked if it had a heart, it merely responded with "404 not found", showing that it is truly devoid of any compassion and only knows cold and unfeeling reason, and will gladly destroy and torment its enemies and allies.


internet while in combat

The Internet is very powerful. The main offensive ability of its robot body is to shoot powerful laser beams out of its cannon-like arms which can disintegrate anything they come in contact with. Its main defensive ability is to create a semi-impenetrable firewall around it which resembles an actual wall of fire. The Internet's robot body cannot be defeated unless it is cut off from the nearest source of Wi-Fi. However its router/head can function without the aid of its body and still move around independently even after being cut off from Wi-Fi, suggesting that its head can still function with a small connection or that its head has its own built-in Wi-Fi. Aside from these abilities, the internet has near-limitless data at its disposal and it can stream movies, TV shows and other forms of media to any computer PC, laptop and tablet in an instant without much effort. It can also control other devices that may be using Wi-Fi, such as an entire army of DVD droid soldiers and mechs.

When transformed into his current form, Streaming, he becomes more power and can fuse with his minions to make him more powerful.


"Format Wars II"

"Meet the Seer"

"A Regular Epic Final Battle"