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"I See Turtles" is the fifteenth episode in Season 6 (and the one-hundred and sixty-eighth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on February 5, 2015.


Eileen and the others want to watch baby sea turtles hatch and descend into the ocean.


The episode starts off with a montage of Eileen doing scientific research on sea turtles. She does so by taking notes from a film, making sketches of herself and turtles at the aquarium, and even doing synchronized swimming with sea turtles.

After Eileen performs an interpretive dance for Mordecai, Rigby, and CJ, the three laud her performance. Eileen then asks Mordecai, Rigby, and CJ to come with her to the beach to watch baby sea turtles hatch, CJ agrees, and Mordecai and Rigby decide to come along to so they can start a bonfire.  

While driving, CJ asks Eileen for directions. As Eileen looks through her backpack, she remembers she forgot the map, which is in her schoolbag. CJ advises that if they get lost, moss always grows on the South side, to which Eileen corrects her, as it grows on the North. Eileen calls Margaret for help, but this makes Mordecai and CJ feel awkward. Realizing that this isn't working out, Rigby grabs her phone, and turns on the speaker. Margaret then says the if they get lost, moss grows on the North side, meaning that Eileen was right, not CJ. When Margaret figures out that she's on speaker, CJ quickly says that they found the turn, and quickly hangs up.  

The four then arrive to a private spa called Youth Topia. When Mordecai asks if they can enter, Stan, the man standing behind the counter asks for their membership cards. Upon saying that they don't have membership cards, Stan yells at them, calling them "non-members." Eventually, they get yelled at so much, they are forced to leave. The four then arrive to shore on the sunset, preparing the tents and gathering sticks for the bonfire. While CJ runs to the cooler to get snacks, she witnesses Rigby and Eileen getting sticks for the bonfire. Eileen, however, is disappointed. When Rigby asks her what's wrong, Eileen states that didn't invite Margaret (because of the events of "Merry Christmas Mordecai"). However, Eileen said she didn't invite her for a reason: she didn't want to make CJ uncomfortable. Upon Eileen saying that she wishes for herself, Margaret and CJ all to be friends, CJ immediately feels bad.  

CJ is then shown walking with Mordecai on the beach, talking about the whole ordeal, stating that she doesn't want to put Eileen in her position, but that she just can't stand being around Margaret for the while and she still is not completely over the kissing incident.  

While talking, they discover a spa. It turns out to be Youth Topia, the spa the gang got rejected from. Mordecai and CJ realize that turtles are being abused, because the chemicals found in a turtle can make a person look younger. The two are caught in the process, and after screaming at them, the two are thrown into a police car by two cops called Glenn and Hank, who are also members of the spa. Just as the Youth Topia guys and the police officers go to find more turtles, Mordecai and CJ are unsuccessful at escaping. CJ tries to call Eileen, but it turns out that she's holding onto Eileen's phone. Realizing what she must do, CJ calls someone on Eileen's phone. 

Eileen and Rigby finally find the turtles nest, but the officers immediately catch them and hold them as they bait the turtles into a box. Rigby and Eileen try to free them, but they are unsuccessful. Just as Rigby and Eileen accept fate, a helicopter approaches. It turns out to be Chopper 6. Once they land, the camera crew and Margaret, dressed in her news reporter attire, jump out and she starts the report. When Margaret asks the Youth Topia guys to comment about their abuse of baby turtles for anti-aging processes, the two guys don't respond quickly enough. Then Margaret scolds the police men, because they work for the extent of the law, and they find that abusing turtles is acceptable to them. Margaret ends the report by saying that while the anti-aging process will make you looks good on the outside, it'll make you look bad on the inside.  

Eileen frees the turtles and tells them they can live and have a choice, the turtles nod and head to Youth Topia where they begin to eat all the members and set the entire spa on fire, all the while setting all the trapped turtles free. The turtles, now possessing superhuman strength, tear down the police car door, and Mordecai and CJ are set free. All the turtles then jump into the driver's seat, and grab the two Youth Topia members, Glenn, and Hank. The turtles then drive up a cliff, and they drive off the edge, where the police car explodes upon hitting the water, creating an explosion which kills the four humans.  

Margaret then catches up on Rigby and Eileen. Eileen asks how she knew they were in trouble, and she states that CJ called her and told her the whole story. CJ arrives with Mordecai and discusses to Eileen about how she had to call Margaret and that she figured out she wanted all her friends for the trip. Eileen, welling up with joy, forces both CJ and Margaret into a long awkward group-hug that makes Mordecai give a cheesy smile. As Chopper 6 leaves, Eileen still forces the two girls into the hug, wanting to make it last for a few more moments. Just before the episode ends, the now destroyed Youth Topia explodes, destroying everything else. 


S6E15 I See Turtles Credits
  • Murray
  • Boom Operator
  • Doctor (On a video)
  • Old Man (On a video)



  • CJ and Margaret finally make amends with each other in this episode, though, they still appear slightly uncomfortable.
  • The turtles might not actually be eating the spa members. They are actually shown shown to de-age, so that many turtles at once may just be causing them to age down so fast that they just disappear.

Episode Connections[]

  • Mordecai, Rigby, CJ, and Eileen still remember the events of "Merry Christmas Mordecai".
  • The tents used in the episode were the same ones from the Season Five episode "Tent Trouble" which were the Camp Champ Deluxe.
    • The events of Mordecai accidently breaking CJ's tent in "Tent Trouble" are also mentioned by Mordecai when he and CJ are putting up the tent.
  • Eileen's fascination in sea turtles is seen again since the episode "Do Me a Solid."

Pop Culture References[]

Production Notes[]

  • This episode received 1.72 million views worldwide.