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"I Like You Hi" is the twenty-sixth episode in Season 5 (and one hundred forty-second episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on May 12, 2014.


Mordecai is a victim of auto-correct when he sends CJ a message.


The episode starts with Mordecai looking over his previous relationship with MargaretCJ calls out to Mordecai to come bike riding with her. Then they start to enjoy various activities, such as roller skating, painting at community college, eating burgers together and spinning donuts. After an awesome time, Mordecai asks CJ if she wants to watch X-Treme Barista with him and Rigby, but she says that she has to go to work, but she can still watch it and stay in touch with Mordecai via texting.

Mordecai and Rigby are then seen watching X-Treme Barista. However, he is barely watching it and mostly texting CJ. Rigby then mocks him of how weird he acts around girls, and Mordecai tells him things are different now that he's hanging with CJ, and that they are just friends. As the two continue watching Yuji, Mordecai texts to CJ that he likes Yuji. Before he sends it, an auto-correct shows up saying "you hi", but Mordecai is looking at the show. After seeing the funny bit, Mordecai sends the message and it auto-corrects the whole thing to "I like you hi". He quickly tries to cancel the message but it continues to send it to her anyway. Rigby, frustrated goes over to him to see what's going on. Mordecai tells him what happened and CJ replies with "I like you too, hi".

Mordecai decides he should ask "real people" for help and he gets Skips, Muscle Man, Hi Five Ghost, and Thomas. They all mock him at first but Mordecai tells them to actually help him. Skips says he should tell her the truth. He asks Thomas instead and he just talks about his 2nd and 4th girlfriends. Muscle Man calls CJ and says "Hi, I'm a thief that's been stealing people phones and texting them, I like you hi." CJ, knowing Muscle Man so well, knows that it's him and not a thief. He hangs up and Mordecai asks for more advice. Hi Fives was about to tell him something but he would've had to wait for 4 years so Mordecai deciding not to take that advice. After that nobody else has anymore ideas and Rigby wants to go to Yuji's book signing. Mordecai comes up with the idea of taking a picture with Yuji, then write I like you hi, then he'll write, "oops, I like Yuji, dumb autocorrect" And then she'll know that his first text was a mistake and her feelings wouldn't be hurt and they can keep being friends. Rigby thinks it's a terrible idea.

They go to book-signing and they are the only two people who arrived. Yuji signs their book and Mordecai explains what happened. But Yuji already knows that whenever people text his name it auto-corrects his name to "you hi" because it's the only reason he isn't famous. If people could text his name and have it go around he could get more famous. Yuji then says that he'll take the picture with him anywhere "extreme".

They go on top of a roof to take a picture with Yuji. The sun is too hot for Yuji so he says they have to wait for a cloud to cover the sun. CJ texts Mordecai that she'll get off work in half an hour. Yuji then decides that he should text CJ. He writes "Sup this is Yuji (You Hi) blowin' up your call brick!" He resends it and it still doesn't work. He then stops and Mordecai tries to fix it. He gets fustrated and thinks typing "You Hi" will auto correct to "Yuji" it doesn't work and resends it three times. They are sucked inside the phone and sent to the Virtual Messaging Center. They see the same people again and they talk a little about their band. They get serious again and say he broke a rule of texting and sending the same text over and over is a violation and that's it's the worst thing in the world because it's extremely annoying and lame. They say that they are sorry and asked if they can go. But they won't get off easy since this is the second time they've came here. Mordecai says he really has to go and walks away from them as they asked what the problem is. He stops floating after a while and goes back and says he really does like CJ. He doesn't want to ask her out because part of him still thinks about Margaret and if it's right to go out with CJ even though he still thinks about Margaret. Everyone says that it's okay to go out with her if that's his choice. They let them go and Mordecai asks CJ if she wants to go out on a date and she says yes as they look at the sunset and see Yuji perform a "Extreme YuJump" and the episode ends.


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  • Its revealed that Mordecai secretly likes CJ but hides it because he still misses Margaret.
  • This is the Phone Guardians second and final appearance.
  • After when Thomas offers some advice, Mordecai breaks the fourth wall by saying that he's unsure why Thomas is on this panel.
  • Yuji was originally going to be a parody of reality TV personalities, particularly the faux celebrity complex. But since Toby Jones and Owen Dennis don't watch a lot of reality shows, Yuji ended up being "written with no real point of reference at all."[1]
  • Before this episode aired, a promo was released describing what it means to "Pulling a Mordecai".

Pop Culture References[]

  • The phrase Skips and the Park Crew use for describing Mordecai’s awkwardness and misinterpretation which leads to dealing with him messing up simple things (especially with girls and never making a move, which is it’s main definition) or “Pulling A Mordecai”, is likely a loose reference to “Pulling a Monica” based on Monica Geller from Friends (who, like Mordecai, is accounted to do just like the phrase). Both mess up mainly just overall due to both of their characters’ traits.
    • Both characters have their names in the phrases, that which start with the same letter.
    • After not taking the Crew’s help or advice, Rigby goes along to help Mordecai profess his feelings for CJ (he’s unable to process Margaret’s absence and fill it with another girl) and comes in to turn around and clear up; much like Phoebe Buffay did helping Monica by offering an alternative definition to her phrase meaning positive in having done or overcome something negative.

Production Notes[]

  • This was the last episode to air on Monday night.
  • There were several scenes cut from the episode:[2]
    • Mordecai and CJ went on a hike and Mordecai jumped in a shallow lake that has the sign, "No Skinny Dipping".
    • Mordecai bought CJ a T-shirt that features a man walking funny and the words "Keep on Walking" on it. Mordecai and CJ then imitates the man's walk.
    • While texting with CJ, Mordecai texted her "Defibrillators?!" before CJ texted "Cappuccino he di-dnt!". Before this, there was a deleted scene where after Kid Krunchy Z added the energy drink to his coffee, he then uses a defibrillator on it to electrocute it. He gives the coffee to the judges who sip it and smash it on the ground and give him a combined score of 22.5 out of 30.
    • Before Rigby said "My favorite barista probably has rabies", Yuji was originally getting attacked by bats instead of security guards, explaining why Rigby brought up rabies.
    • After Mordecai asked Yuji how he knows his name was getting auto-corrected, Yuji's original line was, "If I had an energy drink for every time that happened to me, I'd be so jacked right now."
    • Yuji's tattoo was originally on his forehead.
    • When Mordecai asked where Yuji wants to have his picture taken, Yuji said "Oh, we can take it anywhere X-treme. We can head to the club and I can do a YouJig. I could drive us to a volcano in my YouJeep. Or we could rustle up some gators down by the ByouJi." Mordecai asked if the roof was okay.
    • Before taking Yuji's picture, Rigby tries to take the picture by holding Mordecai's phone. When Rigby has trouble trying to steady the phone, Yuji pulls out a tripod from his shirt for Rigby to use.