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Howard "Hellion" Fightington is a character featured in "Grave Sights".


Howard "Hellion" Fightington, (August 15, 1880 - June 12, 1923) is the bald, mustachioed boss zombie from "Grave Sights". He is a very able-bodied and dexterous zombie, knocking out Skips with only one punch. He is capable of grabbing the two thrown javelins Mordecai and Rigby threw in mid-air, as well as returning the javelins back at them. At the climax of the episode, Mordecai and Rigby attempt to kill Howard Fightington by driving a golf-cart into him, ditching the cart at the last second, allowing the cart to destroy Fightington. He appears to be the strongest zombie that the gang fought off. Howard "Hellion" Fightington is revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. in "Exit 9B". He was eventually sent back to the portal.


He is a very muscular zombie, with several marks on his body. He has grey, ripped overall pants, and is bald. He also has a white mustache.


  • In "Exit 9B", Howard is seen amongst the resurrected zombies, however, in the next scene, the zombie boss from Zombocalypse (3D) is standing in his place.
  • He also appears as the boss of World 2 in the game Best Park in the Universe.
  • He may be based off "The Tank" from Left 4 Dead.