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"House Rules" is the eighth episode of Season Three (and forty-eighth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on November 14, 2011.


Mordecai and Rigby stumble upon an anarchy after trying to find a place not governed by rules.


Mordecai and Rigby are playing video games when Benson walks in and tells them to look at some rules. Upon reading it, they find new rules like "no feet on the table," "no food on the table," and "no food on the floor." When they see that one of the rules that Benson added is "no video games," it pushes the two to the point where they try to talk Benson out of it, but are unsuccessful. So they decide to leave the house and find some place where there are no rules.

After trying overnight camping outside the house, which is foiled by another of Benson's rules ("no overnight camping"), the duo try their luck at the Coffee Shop, However, when Margaret answers their knocks, she tells them they can't camp there on account of her boss' rules. The two then try their luck at other places, to no success, once narrowly avoiding being beat up by a person named Gunther.

In an alley, Mordecai and Rigby meet No Rules Man who knows the kind of place they are searching for, so Mordecai and Rigby follow him to a place with no rules (which is inside a big box of garbage). It's a couch in the middle of the desert with a video game. They meet an older version of Mordecai while they're there, who touches Mordecai's head feathers, and says he's going to miss it. He also hints to the younger Mordecai that he's going to "miss" Rigby, and when Rigby asks what that means, the older Mordecai dismisses it. They think the place is cool until they confront the unicorns that they killed in "The Unicorns Have Got to Go" and tells No Rules Man to get rid of them. Naturally, this angers him because he thinks they told him what to do. So everyone starts to attack them and Mordecai finds out that it's not against the rules to have rules. He summons Benson's rule book to get rid of the problem and convince No Rules Man to tell them the way out. When Mordecai and Rigby go back to the house, they go back to Benson so he can accept them back into the house. Benson believes that they have learned their lesson, but Benson notices that one rule is ripped out and Mordecai asks which one it was. Meanwhile, No Rules Man is playing the game, "Karate Choppers," when a piece of paper lands on his lap. On the piece of paper is the missing rule (which was "no video games"), and when he reads it, he explodes, leaving the no rules land abandoned.


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Episode Connections[]

  • Some of the rules reference past episodes:
  • Ironically, Benson had imposed rule 47 as, "No yelling," when he himself has the biggest yelling problem out of all the characters.

Pop Culture References[]

  • This episode has some references to 1865 Lewis Carroll's English novel Alice in Wonderland and it's adaptations:
    • Land of No Rules is a parody of Wonderland.
    • No Rules Man is a reference to White Rabbit (when he lead Mordecai and Rigby to his place) and Red Queen (as villain of this episode).
    • The scene where Mordecai falls though the hole leading to Land of No Rules is similar to scene where Alice falls though the rabbit hole which leaded to Wonderland.

Production Notes[]

  • This episode received 2.298 million views worldwide.


  • When Mordecai prepares to read rule #117 (the last new rule), he flips the page to the right, meaning he's going back a page.
  • When the No Rules Man whispers to Mordecai and Rigby, his skin is a different shade. It returns to normal when he is shown again.
  • The numbers "01" on the Unicorn's race car changes to "10" in a few shots.
  • When Mordecai and Rigby are surrounded, Rigby's tail is missing.