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The Hooligan was a minor Regular Show character. He appeared in "Ello Gov'nor" as a Semi-Antagonist.


In "Ello Gov'nor", in Rigby's Dream, he was a detective who operated in an urban/sub urb area. There was the hooligan. Rigby beat the Hooligan up with ease and was then scared by the British Taxi.

He made a cameo appearance in "That's My Television ", where he can be seen in the crowd.

He made a cameo appearance in "Dodge This ", where he can be seen in the crowd.


He was skinny had a shaven side of his head and a side of long hair. He wore a white shirt and a black waistcoat with blueish jeans and a belt with a silver buckle.



"Ello Gov'nor"

"That's My Television"

"Dodge This"

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