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High Five Ghost's Father appears in the episode See You There where, in Muscle Man's prank, he pretends to be a doctor who announces that Muscle Man is dead. After the prank, he tells Mordecai and Rigby that he isn't actually a doctor, and that he was simply part of Muscle Man's prank.


He looks exactly like Hi Five Ghost except he has a white beard, bushier eyebrows, and a couple of wrinkles.


  • He was the fifth family member of one of the main characters to appear in the show. The first was Don, then Mr. Maellard, then John, and then Low Five Ghost.
  • He is the second family member of High Five Ghost and appeared in the same episode with his other son, Low Five Ghost.
  • In Exit 9B, in Hi Five Ghost's flashback, a woman who was assumed to be his mom was cradling him and a man hi fived him. That may have been Hi Five Ghost's father.


"See You There"

"The Thanksgiving Special"

"Dumped at the Altar"