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Hi Five Ghost (also known as Hi Fives, HFG, or Fives), is one of the seven main characters in Regular Show. He made his first debut in the non-canon "Pilot." He also made an official debut in the Season One episode "Just Set Up the Chairs," alongside his friend Muscle Man.

Physical Appearance

Hi Five Ghost is a small Pacman-esque ghost with a small arm and left hand sticking out from the top of his head. His body is white but slightly transparent. He does not seem to possess any eyeballs and his mouth is usually seen open when smiling or frowning.

During the time montage, Hi Five Ghost has grown a white goatee and has gained laugh lines, making him look older in appearance. He also wore two bracelets on his arm and a red beanie. However, during the Park's 25-year reunion, Hi Five Ghost strangely looks identical to his younger self.


While the majority of the time Hi-Five Ghost is quiet and stands in the background, he shown to be supportive, kind, logical, and sometimes scatter-brained depending on the time. He is very loyal to his best friend Muscle Man, always supporting him even when he's at his nastiest. Ironically, being a ghost, its been shown that the subject of death makes him incredibly sad as shown in "Trucker Hall of Fame" and "The End of Muscle Man." According to the scientist in "The Button," he states that Hi-Five Ghost is the most logical out of the park workers.


Muscle Man

Hi Five Ghost and Muscle Man are best friends (or best bros). In the episode "Gut Model", he officially told Muscle Man that he was his best friend. Muscle Man enjoys playing basketball with Hi Five Ghost, as shown in episodes such as "Slam Dunk" and "Temp Check". Muscle Man explains how he and Hi Five Ghost met, and became friends after he saved him from a bottomless pit. Muscle Man usually addresses Hi Five Ghost as "Fives".

Mordecai and Rigby

Hi Five Ghost is friends with Mordecai and Rigby, as shown in "Muscle Woman", but other times Hi Five Ghost is in conflict with Mordecai and Rigby, namely because Muscle Man does this as well, as shown in "My Mom", "The Night Owl" and "Slam Dunk". In "Gut Model", Hi Five Ghost was happy to be paired up with Mordecai and Rigby. Hi Five Ghost seems to be the only character to respect Mordecai and Rigby other than Pops

Love Interest


In "The Postcard" it is revealed that Hi Five Ghost met Celia four years ago in a coffee shop. They both realized they had a lot in common with each other. However, Celia explains how she has to go back to Prague to finish her studies. After figuring out a way to keep in contact (by sending a post-card after four years), they then leave the coffee shop. After not being able to read her post-card, and trying to find her location, Hi Five Ghost finally gives up, going to the coffee shop him and Celia visited four years ago. Here, he bumps into Celia, and they begin to talk once more.

In "Merry Christmas Mordecai", they are seen talking to Muscle Man and Starla. They also dance, and during a slow song, Celia kisses Fives under a mistletoe. In Hi Five Ghost's Halloween story "Going up" in the Terror Tales of the Park V episode, Fives is trying to get to Celia's floor at her apartment building while trying to get past the Elevator Repairman, who is later revealed to be a ghost haunting the broken elevator for 40 years. When the repairman grabs Fives, Celia is shown concern for her boyfriend when he is in trouble.

In "Rigby's Graduation Day Special," she shows concern for Fives when the Park blasts off into space. In "Welcome to Space," a picture of her and Fives is shown of her kissing Fives on the cheek, to show that she will still love him even if he is in space. In the "A Regular Epic Final Battle" epilogue, she and Hi Five Ghost are shown to be married after Fives returns from space and the both of them get married and become famous DJ's. They also have a son who is a half ghost-human hybrid.


Low Five Ghost

In "See You There," it is revealed that Hi Five Ghost has an older brother named Low Five Ghost. Low Five Ghost looks almost identical to his brother, except that Low Five Ghost has a bit of scruff where his "chin" would be, and wears teal sunglasses. Fives seems to get along really well with his brother; he even moves in with Low Five Ghost after Muscle Man got married and Starla moved into their trailer.

Hi Five Ghost's Father

In "See You There," Hi Five Ghost's father is also introduced. He remains unnamed except for "Dad" to Hi Five and Low Five. Their father is also the only one in the Ghost family who knows how to change people from ghosts back into their normal form. Hi Five Ghost and Low Five Ghost resemble their dad.


  • Disk-Jockeying - He becomes a famous DJ in the series finale along with his wife.
  • Hot Wiring - He can also hot-wire a car to go very fast, as seen in the episode "My Mom."
  • Intangibility - As revealed by his brother, they can go through solid walls and objects. He has demonstrated this ability in numerous episodes, such as "Prankless", and "Caveman".
    • This ability varies from episode to episode; on some occasions, such as in "Firework Run", Hi Five Ghost has been tied up, or hit in a fight.
  • Levitation- Hi Five Ghost can float instead of walk and never gets tired of doing it.
  • Limb Production - In "Go Viral", Hi Five Ghost is capable of producing up to 5 arms, including the one always visible on his head.
  • Pranking - He is a master pranker alongside Muscle Man.
  • Shield Spawning - In "Gut Model," it was revealed that Hi Five Ghost can turn into a spherical shield. He used this ability again in "The Last Laserdisc Player" to protect the LaserDisc player.
  • Trumpet Playing - In "This Is My Jam", it is shown that Hi Five Ghost can play the trumpet, even though Muscle Man blows into the mouth piece.

Hi Five Ghost-Themed Content


  • In "Exit 9B", he was shown as a baby ghost in the past, with what appears to be a human mother holding him. He was also shown as a high school student, with shaggy brown hair and a green army-style jacket.
  • It's possible he got turned into a ghost like Mordecai and Rigby but didn't get changed back.
  • Hi-Five Ghost has little dialogue in the series despite being a main character.
  • It's unknown if he's as arrogant as Muscle Man but he seems to agree with his insults towards Mordecai and Rigby.
  • HFG might also have the ability to turn people into ghosts.
  • It is shown that Muscle Man's Uncle John taught Hi Five how to fix the engine in the golf-cart to make it go speeding fast. Though, Muscle Man probably was lying, because Fives high-fived him afterwards. Though it's possible that he was saying it was cool that his Uncle John taught him.
  • It's possible that Hi Five is also hurt when someone says that Muscle Man doesn't say his jokes right.
  • Hi-Five Ghost is a great bowler as proven in "My Mom".
  • Hi-Five Ghost likes to annoy Benson along with Muscle Man. This is proven in "Don."
  • In "Exit 9B", identity files about him show his height to be 5'7". In the same files, his weight is listed as N/A, which may indicate he weighs nothing at all.
  • His height may be incorrect due to the fact that his ghost body levitates, and he may actually be about 1'5" (1'11" with hand).
  • In the episode "Trucker Hall of Fame," Hi Five Ghost is seen crying a lot when he's at a funeral, which is why Benson wants Mordecai and Rigby go with Muscle Man because Hi Five Ghost doesn't handle these sort of things well.
  • He was talking to a girl throughout the whole rollerblading area in "Bald Spot." He was also slow dancing with her in "TGI Tuesday."
  • In "Guy's Night," it's revealed that he drank a gallon of creamed corn for a tote bag.
  • It was revealed in "Exit 9B" that when Hi Five Ghost's signature is "Hi 5 Ghost."
  • He's the only character that has a shadow, despite being a ghost (the shadow could simply be a symbolic representation of where he is "standing").
  • HFG still possesses some skills and traits of a ghost, yet others of a living human being.
  • Hi-Five Ghost is almost always smiling.
  • He started saying full sentences in "Muscle Woman" and has been ever since.
  • Hi-Five Ghost made an appearance in the OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes episode, Crossover Nexus, where he appeared as one of the Cartoon Network heroes summoned and defeated by Strike. He was later seen restored by Strike's pen.
  • In "The Postcard," it is revealed that Hi Five Ghost likes Downtempo Electronica, has a soft spot for aquariums, doesn't like the food at Wing Kingdom, does not own a phone, and has a love interest named Celia who shares those interests.
  • According to a Dome scientist in "The Button", he is the only member of The Park's staff who has no life issues.
  • In "New Bro on Campus," it is revealed that he is originally from Wichita, Kansas.
  • He speaks more often in Seasons 3-8.
  • In "Benson's Pig," it is revealed his favorite food is applesauce.
  • In Regular Show: The Movie, it's revealed that he has an eight-shelf drawer filled with a variety of shoes.
  • In the Brazilian Portuguese version of Regular Show, Hi Five Ghost is called "Fantasmão," a portmanteau of the words "fantasma", which means "ghost," and "mão," which means "hand."


  • Despite his name, Hi Five Ghost is shown to only have four fingers.
  • Despite having the usual traits attributed to a ghost, such as levitation and transparency, Hi-Five can be touched, as evidenced by his usual hand slaps with Muscleman. He can also get hurt, as he sustained some bruises in the episodes "Rage Against the TV", "The Night Owl", "The Heart of a Stuntman", and when Muscle Man punches Hi-Five in "Jinx".
  • Most of the time he is never heard because when he speaks Muscle Man usually talks over him.
  • In "See You There", Low Five Ghost stated that ghosts can't be touched by anything except by another ghost, however, Hi Five Ghost usually is seen high-fiving with Muscle Man in other episodes. This may have been part of the prank.
  • He can also change color; sometimes he is green and sometimes he's white.


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