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"Hello China" is the fifteenth episode of Season Seven (and the one hundred and ninety-sixth overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on November 30, 2015.


In order to get his high school language credits, Rigby has to pass a foreign language class taught by Benson in China.


The episode starts with Benson, who has just finished eating at a Chinese restaurant. A waiter gives him a fortune cookie that says "Adventure comes to those who seek it". Benson decided to teach English in China for one month. Meanwhile, Rigby fails all his language classes and decided to sneak on board Benson's flight.

When Benson finds out about this, he gets angry and tries to get him home. Rigby tells Benson that the reason why he is in China is to pass a foreign language class. Benson promises Rigby that he will pass him if he earns it.

In the class, Rigby influences everybody in the class to follow his personality like fist bumps, using cellphones, saying Ohhhhh, etc., making Benson furious. Later, Principal Zheng told Teacher Benson that he will get the plane ticket back home if he impresses him of his class on the big assembly performance tomorrow. Depressed, Benson is at a restaurant and meets Apple and Rigby. Whilst Apple is waiting outside, Benson tells Rigby that he will always be the same no matter where he is. After Rigby realizes, he asks Apple whether she know what an all-nighter is. After Rigby cannot get a response, he and Apple leave.

At the assembly, Rigby, Coby, LeBron, Apple, and the rest of the students successfully showed Principal Zhang a great performance in the "Rigby way". Towards the end of the episode, Principal Dean tells Rigby that leaving the school would lead to expulsion, but he lets it slide since he wants Rigby out of the school. Whilst Principal Dean is lecturing Rigby, Dean later screams out Rigby's name after seeing him running around the football field.


S7E15 Hello China Credits




  • This marks Mordecai's second minor role after The Lunch Club as he only appeared in a single scene.
  • Awkwafina makes a guest appearance as Apple in this episode.
  • This marks the second episode of the High School arc of Season 7.
    • Rigby passes his Foreign Language Class.
  • Rigby mispronounces the foreign language sentences are translations of "Good Morning", which he ends up falling on:
    • Buenos day-os is Buenos dias in Spanish.
    • Bonjuice is Bonjour in French.
    • Greten-tag is Guten Tag in German.

Pop Culture References[]

  • Two of the students' English names are Kobe and Lebron, potentially references to the famous LA Lakers basketball players, being the late Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

Production Notes[]

  • This marks the first episode to air during the third "Regular Show Bomb."