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Biographical Information
Occupation: Fireworks Seller
Species: Cyborg
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Relatives: Unknown
Show Information
Voiced by: Andres Salaff
Appears in: "Firework Run"

Hector is a cyborg fireworks dealer that appears in the episode "Firework Run". He operates a business called "South of the Line".


Muscle Man goes to see him to try and replace the fireworks he set off in the morning. But he demands double pay when Muscle Man gives him the money, since the fireworks he gave were last minute ones. But when Rigby spies a jumbo firework labeled  "El Diablo", he turns it down at first, since he knows about a prophecy that it'll kill him if it's lit. But he finally accepts, and tells the group to deliver a package. When Hector discovers that Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost have stumbled upon his secret (jalapeño peppers stuffed with gunpowder), he tries to kill them by blowing them up so his secret won't reach the FDA. When his hideout is blown up and he appears to have perished, he is revealed to be a cyborg when he later shows up at the Fourth of July show. He tries to kill Benson and the four who ruined him by launching a firecracker at them, but they dodge out of the way and misses, setting up El Diablo. A firework version of the Pepper mascot appears and fires off guns at him. Hector is finally destroyed when El Diablo shoots him into the neon sign to his death and his business explodes.


He wears a brown jacket, a white T-shirt, black pants, a belt, a black beard and a bomb tattoo on his collar. He also sports several other tattoos on his arms, and appears to have a gash across his right eyebrow.


  • It is currently unknown how he and Muscle Man met each other, or if they have any history of being friends in the past.
  • He could be a Mexican due to his accent and manner of speech.
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