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Having a Good Time is the name of a song sung by Mordecai in "Butt Dial". It refers to his love interest towards Margaret. It became a voicemail and finally a ringtone


A-hanging with Margaret just-a feels so good like I knew it wou-ou-ould

Laughing together and-a having a blast, and I hope it lasts forever!

I can't believe how hot she is, it makes my insides feel like knotted twists

Her pretty face, and those long, long legs

And I hope someday we are more than just friends!

Oh, Margaret. Oh, Margaret.

Do you remember last night when our hands touched?

We were grabbin for the dice and you were laughing and such...

Take one roll, then take a chance on me,

And maybe then you'll see,

How perfect we can be,

Together you and me,

For all eternity!

Okay, maybe that's a long long time.

But a guy can dream, can't I?

Oh, Margaret. Oh, Margaret.

I love it when you stand or sit right next to me

Can't you see, your future with me is brighter than the ocean!

(spoken) What, brighter than the ocean?