Harry Roughauser
Harry Roughouser
Biographical Information
Occupation: Criminal
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Show Information
Voiced by: James Adomian
First appearance: "Benson's Pig"

Harry Roughauser is a bank robber who robs banks with his partner, Leroy, now known as AppleSauce. Applesauce broke up with him, but later saved him from Prison. He is world renowned for having the tendency to destroy everything in his path.

He only appeared in the episode Benson's pig, although he was the guest secondary protagonist .


Bank Robbing with Leroy

S7E13.082 Harry and Leeroy Ready to Rob a Bank

Harry and Leroy, bank-robbing duo.

Sometime in Harry's life, he met Leroy, a pig. He and Leroy became bank robbers. He described himself as more of a muscular force, and the brains were really with Leroy, who could get into vaults, and other things, while Roughauser could fight the Police. Once they are seen robbing a bank. The dynamic is shown best their, as in that scene, Harry threatens everyone whilst Leroy robs.

Freindship lost

S7E13.091 Leeroy Leaving Harry

Harry kicks Leroy out

One time, whilst staying in a Motel in the middle of nowhere, Harry has a disagreement with Leroy. Leroy described Roughauser as a 'loose canon' and Roughauser kicks Leroy out,saying that he could rob banks without hinm.

Going Solo

After Leroy leaves, Harry attempts to rob alone. He turned out to not have the brains leroy had, and was only capable of destroying things. whilst robbing a bank, two police men arrest him.

In Prison

After being arrested, he was taken to a prison in the middle of a city in the USA. Knowing that he couldn't get out, he used his one phone call on Leroy, regretting kicking him out, and knowing that he would work something out.

Breaking out

S7E13.067 Harry on Cam 03

Cell 03, Roughauser's cell being opened

It turned out Leroy did have a plan. Eventually, Leroy was discovered by the oink foundation, a pig rescue foundation, and was bought a park manager called benson. Benson needed to go to a meeting the day he got him so he entrusted his two workers, Mordecai and Rigby to take care of him. Applesauce 'attacks' an old lady in Candy's Donuts, and is arrested by the two policemen that arrested Roughauser before, and he ecaped an interview deactivating Cell 03. He ecapes in a golf cart with Leroy, driven by Mordecai and Rigby.

Apartment Rampage

S7E13.102 Harry Looking Through the Blinds

Mordecai and Rigby bring Leroy (Now known as Applesauce) to Benson's appartment, also bringing Harry. The criminal wants Leroy to join him in bank robbing, but Leroy denies, causing harry to destroy everything in the apartment including plates, TVs and refrigerators, which Mordecai and rigby save. Mordecai and Rigby explain that Leroy made his decision, so just be cool. He accepts and leaves...just to immediately come back due to a group of Police outside.

S7E13.183 Harry Falling to the Ground


The Police blow up the wall, destroying all the items Mordo and Rigs save. Those two police speak to him once more, telling him to retreat, but he denies, and so the Police send in a SWAT, armed with non-lethal bean-bag guns, gun him down, causing him to fall, down, saved by Leroy, who after Harry urges him to, he lets go. Harry falls down to a trampoline and punches it.


S7E13.110 A Police Sketch of Harry Roughhauser

A Police Sketch of Harry Roughhauser

Harry Roughauser was a muscular brown haired man with a mullet, horse-shoe moustache and a goatee. He lacked eyebrows too. He always wore a Khaki Camo Head-band. As a criminal, he wore a white shirt with a ripped denim jacket and jeans. When preforming a robbery, he wore a grey balaclava. As a prisoner, he wore an orange jumpsuit.

Personality and Traits

S7E13.112 Harry Kicking a Tree

Harry Roughauser was known for breaking everyrthing

Harry Rougauser was a relatively violent man, obsessed with breaking things. He was not very kind and very impatient as shown when he kicks out Leroy. He seems to love robbing banks, as shown in the latter part of the episode, when he's trying to force Leroy to rob with him.
S7E13.082 Harry and Leeroy Ready to Rob a Bank
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