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Hair to the Throne
Hair to the Throne
Biographical Information
Occupation: Rock Metal Band
Species: Human
Gender: All Males
Relatives: Unknown
Show Information
Voiced by: Roger Craig Smith (Oggy)

Mark Hamill (Gunnar)
William Salyers (Bass Player)

First appearance: "150 Piece Kit"
Latest appearance: "The Thanksgiving Special"

Hair to the Throne is a hair metal band that appeared in the episode "150 Piece Kit". It consists of four members (three human members and the Drumotron VI). They are very well known for a drum solo, which was formerly performed by Benson on their first album. As stated by Rigby, they are considered "one of the greatest living bands that ever lived." The band has likely been around for years, since Muscle Man claims they "got him through high school". They've been praised by many fans, including all the park employees, except for Benson. The band consists of four members:

  • Oggy Oggstrom-lead vocals
  • Gunnar von Strauss-lead guitar
  • "The Bass Player"-bass
  • Benson-percussion (formerly)
  • Drumatron VI-percussion

After their first album, the band had Benson fired from the band, for if anyone knew of his drum solo, he would've gotten most of the fame, so they replaced him with the Drumotron VI (or an earlier variant). The band later went on to become famous, and likely went on many tours.

150 Piece Kit

After arriving at the park to get ready for their concert, they were confronted by former member, Benson about whether he performed the famous drum solo. But the band then taunts him about his "chrome dome", and makes the park staff (except Benson, that is) roadies. After setting up their instruments and performing a soundcheck, they asked Mordecai and Rigby to take them to part of Benson's drum set, only to destroy it. Mordecai and Rigby then quit as their roadies and help Benson fix and set up his drum set while the concert is happening. By the time the drum solo is to begin, Benson begins to play instead of the Drumotron VI, and the band members try to stop Benson, only to be held back by the park staff. The Drumotron VI soon takes action and goes after Benson, but to no avail, as Benson is still able to finish the solo. The end of Benson's solo was powerful enough to have them ironically grow bald like Benson. The band then asks Benson to rejoin the group, but he declines and continues his job as park manager. It is unknown if they still performed after that.

The Legendary Drum Solo

The Legendary Drum Solo is the "most epic drum solo in history" that was featured on the band's first album. Only two people have been known to actually perform the solo: a Denmark fan (who apparently got his skeleton caught on fire) and Benson.

The solo features 150 pieces of all different kinds of percussion instruments known to man, making it very advanced for any drummer in the world to play. The solo is made up of these stages:

  • Basic Drum Kit
  • Bongos and Bells
  • Bass Drums
  • Bellls (repeat)
  • Tambourines and Cymbals
  • Bongos (repeats)
  • Xylophones/Cymbals/Drums
  • Midi Controller (Electronic Drums)
  • 360 Degree Ascending Sky Caged Drum Kit  (with a Gamelan and Gong)

Episode Apperance


  • The band's name is a reference to the phrase "Heir to the Throne" with "Heir" changed to "Hair" because of their hair styles.
  • The band members are likely based on a few existing artists: Oggy Oggstrom is likely based on Black Sabbath frontman, Ozzy Osbourne. Gunner von Strauss is likely based on guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Although the bass player's name was not revealed, he seems to coincidentally bare a small resemblance to AC/DC bass player, Cliff Williams.
  • The fact that the bass player doesn't have a name refers to the low fame bassists generally tend to have since their instrument is much more rhythmical (and repetitive to most people) than melodical.
  • This band also resembles Bon Jovi.
  • Originally, the band was called Rock Icon Hair to the Throne, but it was changed so it would reference the band Heir to the Throne.  


"150 Piece Kit"

"The Thanksgiving Special"

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