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"Gymblonski" is the twenty-first episode of Season Seven of Regular Show (and two hundred and second overall) it aired on TV on March 19, 2016.


Rigby's high school nemesis returns and threatens to ruin his chances at passing gym class and graduating high school.


The episode begins with Mordecai dropping Rigby off at school. Meanwhile Rigby checks the past classes like a science and a foreign language now all that's left is a physical education class and once he passes the class he'll finally be able to graduate high school. Confused, Mordecai asks him why he didn't pass it the first time because Rigby said that high school was a long time ago.

Sometime later, Principal Dean announces that Coach McCrackle will no longer be teaching gym class. Suddenly Principal Dean reads the letter that says the things are finally looking up for him because he had won the lottery and now that he's a rich man he'll never have to spend another second in that filthy gym with their pimply greasey faces again. At the end of his letter, Principal Dean says that they found a substitute for the rest of the school year welcoming back former student and 5 time volleyball champion coach Francis Jablonski.

Shocked and startled by seeing his nemesis for 10 years, Rigby gasps in shock, then he has some flashbacks of early life where he was bullied by Jablonski. At the end of the flashback, Jablonski starts teaching and is relieved by seeing Rigby, who tries to give him some peace, but he declines and starts teaching them very badly.

Finally having enough, Rigby confronts Principal Dean in his office, begs him to fire Jablonkski, but he refuses, but after a brief talk, Dean decides to keep his secret.

In the gym, Jablonski angrily confronts Rigby about ratting him about, he was about to give him a new work: cleaning the dishes, much to Rigby's dismay. Rigby muttering furiously and mimics Jablonski while cleaning the dishes.

Later that evening, Rigby lies down on the couch, groaning in pain. Mordecai comes and asks what's wrong, he thinks that he couldn't handle with the new students, but Rigby replies that it's Jablonski, substitute gym teacher. Mordecai is shocked that their old nemesis is going to teach, because he thought he was in prison. Rigby angrily asks why he can't have a luck, since he have an awesome adventures. Mordecai encourages him, because he can do something. Rigby has an idea.

In the high school, Rigby challenges Jablonski in the Food Race. If some of them win they can do something with the school. Like: If Rigby wins, he can pass the gym, but if Jablonski wins, Rigby will forced to clean his dishes at the end of the school.

Rigby tries to do with cart, but it's not faster than the race car, this leads Rigby to decide to get his brother's car.

The Food Race begins with Cheezers, where they must deliver grilled cheese deluxe to the school. While they road, some strange things complicating their chances, with two cars crashed, all injured. Rigby and Jablonski head to the finish line. Weakly, Rigby puts the cheese first, but Jablonski is the second.

All cheer for Rigby, Jablonski starts crying in defeat as Aiden comforts him. Weeping and defeated, Jablonski expresses of how he was the king of the school, but now he is a lame substitute teacher and he even lost in the food race. Rigby stoically reminds him that they have grown into mature as they supposed to do what their life wants. Touched by these words, Jablonski decides to end their 10 year-old rivalry, and starts respecting Rigby more.

Flattered by ending their rivalry, Rigby thanks Jablonski and asks him to put the pass on his list, which he complies to. Jablonski puts the pass as everyone jump in joy, ending the episode.


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  • Rigby and Jablonski's high school rivalry has come to an end.
  • This is the third episode of the High School arc of Season Seven.
    • Rigby passes his Physical Education class.
  • Jablonski is revealed to have graduated from high school and become a substitute teacher for Physical Education.

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Production Notes[]

  • It was made available on The Cartoon Network app on February 13, 2016.


  • When High School Rigby is knocked down by the dodge ball in the flashback, his hair underneath his hat is styled the way it is currently, and the hair that wasn't covered by the hat is still blonde.