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"Guys Night 2" is the twenty-second episode of Season Seven of Regular Show (and two hundred and third overall) It first aired on TV on March 26, 2016.


The guys want to give Thomas an epic Guys Night before he goes into hiding forever.


The episode opens with an old man in a bank goes for some money, but then the men who are actually spies trying to get him, but he escapes.

In the park, Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost sitting on a couch, bored. Then the old man comes to the park, to the house takes off the mask, he is revealed to be none other than...Thomas, much to their joy!

They ask what is he doing here, which Thomas, now Nikolai replies that he wants to take them for a good time, he is tired of running away in exile, because evil agents after him, he wants to be on his point, where the train comes to the midnight, he wants to see them for one last time.

Gang, mostly Pops, who got them a milk, give Thomas classic guys night. They have spend the time very well, Thomas now has to go, much to their disappointment.

The gang takes Thomas to Wing Kingdom for one last time. Thomas, first is reluctant, but he agrees, when he eats one of his wings, a tranquilizer dart from the agents hits the chicken wing.

The gang then runs away towards Pop's car, they are in a great big car chase, they have mostly succeeded by killing most of the agents, when they arrive in the sewers, Thomas bids his friends farewell, he runs to his fate at the train, but fails. He ended up falling to his death, much to the sadness of the others, but to their relief, Thomas is survived due to his submarine (his right point). Shortly after Thomas leaves, the gang and agents yell Guys Night, ending the episode.


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  • This episode marks Thomas' final speaking role in the series.
    • Thomas makes a non-cameo appearance in Season Seven.

Episode Connections[]

  • The episode is a sequel to a Season Four episode. (TV: Guy's Night).
  • The events of (TV: The Real Thomas) and (TV: Guy's Night) are mentioned.
    • Pops drinks a whole jug of milk like he did in "Guy's Night."
    • Rigby is the only one who addressed Thomas by his real name, Nikolai.
    • A flashback of Muscle Man telling Thomas to buy chips from "Guy's Night" is shown.
      • It is revealed that after Thomas got the chips Muscle Man told him to leave the chips by the door and go away.

Pop Culture References[]

  • The chase in the tunnel was a reference to the movie The Fugitive.

Production Notes[]

  • The episode was made available on The Cartoon Network app on February 20, 2016.


  • Even though the helicopter shot out the left side mirror of Pop's car, a few scenes later where the car was going to crash, the same mirror was shown again not broken.