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"Gut Model" is the eighteenth episode in Season 3 (the fifty-eighth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on March 5, 2012.


Muscle Man quits his job as a groundskeeper to work as a gut model.


The episode starts with Muscle Man announcing a party at "Fry it Up!" to celebrate his 5th anniversary as a park employee. However, everyone coincidentally has plans that same day (Mordecai and Rigby planning on hanging out with Margaret and Eileen, Skips, Pops, and Benson going lawn bowling, and Hi Five Ghost going to see his brother Low Five Ghost graduate from the police academy, with no choice) so Muscle Man grudgingly attends Fry it Up alone, thinking that no one likes him.

At Fry it Up, a miserable Muscle Man orders some food, while two nearby agents from Mommy Monthly go over to Muscle Man and tell him that he could be a gut model for their magazine because he looks exactly like a pregnant woman. Muscle Man isn't sure at first, but then he remembers that everyone at the park didn't go to Fry it Up with him and was still feeling resentful towards them, so he then reconsiders. The next day, Muscle Man tells all of the groundskeepers that he is quitting his job at the park to become a gut model. Surprised by this, Muscle Man sees that everyone is happy for him instead of begging for him not to leave, causing Muscle Man to be unsure and hesitant.

Muscle Man then says to Filbert & Mulligan that he will take the job and he starts immediately after agreeing. However, Filbert & Mulligan, only call Muscle Man by his real name, Mitch and do not like how he's acting on the job by joking around and giving high fives. So they tell him to stop doing it and they also say that Muscle Man should make himself known in the Gut Model industry by debuting at the park.

During the debut at the park, Muscle Man tries talking to Benson, Mordecai, Rigby (Seeing if the two friends were about to play a prank on him) and Hi Five Ghost (about what he's going to do) to see if they would show any signs of them not wanting him to leave, but with no success, causing Muscle Man to become frustrated at everyone being happy for him, rather than being sorry for him leaving. To make matters worse, after Muscle Man had signed the contract, he realises that he would become a Gut Model for life and as a result, he takes off his Gut Model shirt and turns the party into complete chaos.

During the out-of-control rampage, he unknowingly forms the Grease Monster, a very destructive fry-greased monster, by throwing random objects into the deep fryers. Almost getting attacked by the monster, Hi Five Ghost saves Muscle Man by morphing into a shield and Muscle Man then starts venting out his anger over the thought that the groundskeepers are not his friends and wouldn't care if he left. His friends explained that the reason why everybody was happy for him was because that they didn't want to get in the way of his new job life, to which Muscle Man admits that he never wanted to be a gut model in the first place, as he only felt unimportant when nobody would even go to Fry It Up with him.

They all say that they do need him and that it wouldn't be the same without him, even his best friend Hi Five Ghost, who says that them not going was simply bad timing. Muscle Man sees the monster attack his friends, so he exits Hi Five's shield form and throws himself into the grease monster. Afterwards, Muscle Man, covered in hardened, hot grease, believes that he saved everyone but Mordecai explains he just gave them time to get to safety, as firefighters had arrived to put an end to the monster, by spraying breadcrumbs. Filbert and Mulligan then tear up the contract, meaning that Muscle Man will continue working at the park, to which they all have some laughs, but Muscle Man has difficulty doing so, as it hurts for him to smile, due to the hard grease.




  • Park
  • Fry It Up
  • Mommy Monthly


Pop Culture References[]

  • When Muscle Man starts throwing inedible items in the fryer, he screams, "It's my party and I'll fry if I want to," which is a reference to the Lesley Gore song, "It's My Party," and the original lyric, "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to."
  • The magazine Mommy Monthly is a reference to Mom Monthly that can be seen in the intro of Simpsons season 4