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The Guardians of Eternal Youth are a group of babies that guard and give the ability of eternal youth. Skips worships them so he doesn't die. The Guardians of Eternal Youth are five big chubby babies with deep voices that granted Skips eternal youth.


They first appear in Free Cake Production Date wise, but chronologically, Skips' Story was the first appearance. The Immortal Student Council went to Bennett High School and met Skips (known as "Walks" back then) there. Their Brother, Klorgbane wanted to join the Guardians and become a member of the Immortal Student Council, but they wouldn't let him join because he committed his evil deeds in order to gain control of the college. The Immortal Student Council calculated that Skips could defeat Klorgbane, with the assistance of some powerful weapons later known as the Fists of Justice. When Skips fought Klorgbane in Bennett High using the Fists of Justice, he won, not killing him but sending him into orbit around the solar system. In the Fight, however, Skip's love, Mona was killed, sending Skips into depression. Around five to ten years later The Immortal Student Council, now known as the Guardians of Eternal Youth, worked out that Klorgbane would return in 157 years, so they granted Skips the ability of immortality, just as they did Gary.

Years later in "Free Cake", Mordecai and Rigby track down Skips in the forest to give him a surprise birthday party. It turns out on his birthday, Skips does the Spirit Dance for the Guardians of Eternal Youth, which is a ritual to keep his immortality. When interrupted by Rigby, the dance is stopped and Gary came to alert the Guardians.

Reginald later joined the Magical Elements in "Skips Strikes" He used to cheat in bowling tournaments by using magic to help them win.

In "Quips", Quintin Q. Quippenger told so many jokes while playing drawesome, Reginald got angry and went to complete rage, imprisoning him in a cube prison.

In "Dodge This", Archibald, Oswald Boswald and Griswald join the magical elements dodgeball team, along with The God of Basketball.

In "Regular Show the Movie" The Guardians (except for Gary) Fight alongside The Park Rangers and Gene along with Techmo against Mr. Ross's Forces and The Timenado.

In "Gary's Synthesizer", the Guardians send Mordecai, Rigby, and Skips to Synthos so they can restore Gary's physical form (the former two accidentally messed with his patch).

In "An Epic Regular Final Battle", the Guardians help Mordecai, Rigby and the other Park Members to defeat Pop's brother, Anti-Pops.


As stated above, the guardians resemble infants, but despite their appearance they have mature, deep voices. Each guardian wears a gold hat, brown bib and a what looks like a white diaper. As a member of the Magical Elements in "Skips Strikes," Reginald wore mostly the same attire, with the exception of wearing a black button-up shirt with the team's name in cursive on the left side of his chest. One half of the guardians also attended a Halloween party at the park in "Terror Tales of the Park III", dressing up in a baby blue superhero costume with a yellow mask and belt buckle. The guardians, the god of basketball, Death and the wizard teamed up to form a new version of the Magical Elements, this time in a dodgeball tournament. The guardians wore black "V-neck" shirts and shorts, with white trim, black shoes and white socks. They also wore brown suits and black ties, with white poet shirts underneath their suits, white socks and black shoes while in high school in "Skips' Story."

The Guardians of Eternal Youth's Belongings[]


  • Reginald (leader)
  • Archibald (deceased)
  • Oswald
  • Boswald
  • Griswald


  • Magic Rattles - Each member is equipped with a magic rattle, which allows them to perform magic, such as stripping Skips of his youth.
  • Flight - Each guardian has the ability to float.
  • Immortality - Like Skips and Gary, they are all immortal, and as stated above, can even grant someone the ability to be immortal. It seems that the Guardians' immortality only extends to age and therefore they can be killed by external means, which was demonstrated by Archibald, who died after a battle with Klorgbane.
  • Omniscience: During the conversation with Mordecai and Rigby, they state to have infinite knowledge and can gain it to anyone.
  • Teleportation: Teleported Mordecai, Rigby & Skips back to Skips' house in Free Cake
  • Telekinesis: Reginald demonstrated this by telekinetically controlling a bowling ball in Skips Strikes
  • Ice manipulation: Reginald created ice under Mordecai to slip him up in Skips Strikes
  • Energy projection: They can shoot energy beams from their eyes & Magic Rattles
  • Meteor Summoning: In an attempt to Sabotage Skips, Reginald summoned meteorites to stop the bowling ball from hitting the pins
  • Summoning: They can summon the Fists of Justice at Will
  • Sealing: Reginald got tired of Quips' jokes, so he sealed him & Skips in a cube
  • Electricity manipulation: When Mordecai & Rigby tried to free Skips from the cube, they got zapped by some green electricity
  • Illusion creation: Created Illusions of distorted looking versions Quips, that says the jokes he says, in an attempt to annoy him, but, Quips


  • When Reginald appears in the episode Skips Strikes, "GB" is shown on the scoreboard for bowling, which would be the leader's initials due to the other names being up there. "GB" probably means "Giant Baby", and this is further supported by the fact Reginald is usually credited as such in the end credits.
    • The first guardian's name to be revealed was Archibald in "Fists of Justice," who died after a battle with brother Klorgbane the Destroyer.
    • The leader's name was revealed to be Reginald in "Quips."
    • The rest of the guardian's names were revealed in the credits of "Skips' Story" as Oswald, Boswald, and Griswald.
  • Reginald has made the most appearances of all guardians, appearing seven times, twice without the other guardians.
  • Since the death of Archibald, there are only four guardians remaining.
  • Their 'diapers' aren't actually diapers, shown when Archibald tells Skips that they aren't diapers.
  • They may serve as a parody of the Guardians of the Universe from DC Comics, as well as the Watchers from Marvel Comics, with a near resemblance to or inspired by the latter beings.


"Free Cake"

"Skips Strikes"

"Fists of Justice"

"Exit 9B"


"Terror Tales of the Park III"

"A Skips in Time"

"Dodge This"

"Skips' Story"

"Skips in the Saddle"

"Gary's Synthesizer"

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