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Guardian of the Friend Zone
Guardian of the Friend Zonne
Biographical Information
Home: Friend Zone
Occupation: Being the guardian of the friend zone
Species: Asteroid
Gender: Male
Relatives: Angie, Christine, Lola (girlfriends mentioned), other asteroids
Show Information
Voiced by: Wayne Knight
Appears in: "Meteor Moves"

   The Guardian of the Friend Zone seems to be an asteroid with facial hair.


He appears in the episode Meteor Moves where he traps Mordecai and Margaret in the Friend Zone. He explains to Mordecai that the reason he is being trapped in the Friend Zone is because he missed many opportunities to kiss Margaret due to doubt in himself. The Guardian of the Friend Zone then mentions that the reason he became the guardian in the first place was because he also lost his chances with his previous girlfriends and did not want to see Mordecai end up the same way that he did. Then, he helps convince Mordecai to finally kiss Margaret and he gives him another chance, which Mordecai ends up blowing in the climax of Steak Me Amadeus. It is unknown if he will make another appearance as a result.


The Guardian of the Friend Zone is a large, pear-shaped asteroid. He is light brown in color with a mustache and beard that is cream in coloration. Holes are visible around his body.


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