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The Guardian of Secrets is the main antagonist in the episode "Diary". She appears when Rigby opens his eyes during a ritual, and never ceases walking, destroying buildings, and almost killing the main characters. She only pauses for a moment when the characters reveal each of their secrets. She disappears only when everyone who was involved in the unfinished ritual reveals secrets with deep meaning (Skips revealing why he skips, Mordecai revealing that he lied to Rigby about his mattress never arriving and that he stacked both his and Rigby's on top of each other, and Rigby revealing that he thinks Eileen is hot without her glasses on).


She resembles Margaret, however, has a red glow covering her and wears a warrior-like outfit.


  • Her outfit is similar to an Amazon Warrior.
  • She resembles Margaret because she is the guardian of Margaret's diary. In other words, if someone owns a diary, their Guardian of Secrets may resemble the owner but is 5-10 times more powerful.