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The Guardian of Secrets is the main antagonist in the episode "Diary".


In "Diary", the Guardian of Secrets appears after Rigby opens his eyes during a sacred ritual to restore Margaret's Diary. She quickly starts making her way to Margaret's Apartment from somewhere across the city, destroying things like power lines and buildings in an attempt to destroy Mordecai, Rigby, and Skips. She only pauses her pursuit briefly whenever somebody reveals a secret of their own. The three realize what they have to do to defeat her. Skips reveals why he skips constantly, Mordecai reveals why Rigby's bed "Never came in the mail", and Rigby admits he thinks Eileen is hot without her glasses on. Once the truth was set free, the Guardian of Secrets disappeared, and she reverted all of the damages she caused.


The Guardian of Secrets resembles Margaret, albeit with a saturated color scheme, constant red outline and a warrior-like outfit . She wears a metallic breastplate, skirt and boots, as well as a shoulder pad and spike wrist cuff on both arms. The "flames" surrounding the Guardian of Secret seem to change depending on her mood. For example after Skips told his secret about Mona the Guardian of Secret's flames dissipated completely , while they were at their wildest during the climax of the episode at Margaret's Apartment.


  • Her outfit is similar to an Amazon Warrior.
  • She resembles Margaret because she is the guardian of Margaret's diary. In other words, if someone owns a diary, their Guardian of Secrets may resemble the owner but is 5-10 times more powerful.