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The Grease Monster is a character that appeared in the episode Gut Model. It also served as the main antagonist of that episode.


The Grease Monster was created after Muscle Man put plates, utensils and a microphone in the Fry Vat. He seemed to be unstoppable when encountered and spat out a frying liquid. He could be only stop by attacking him with bread crumbs. Muscle Man was able to jump toward it for everyone to get to safety, although he got severe burns.


  • It is Muscle Man's fault the Grease Monster was made.
  • This enemy was not seen defeated.
  • Firefighters were seen trying to put it out with bread crumbs, so it might've worked, but it's never shown.
  • Oddly the Grease Monster appears in a flashback but not a main antagonist in Exit 9B.