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"Grave Sights" is the nineteenth episode of Season Two (and the thirty-first episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on May 9, 2011.


Mordecai and Rigby accidentally raise the dead during a movie night in the cemetery.


The episode opens up with the usual morning announcements hosted by Benson. He informs the gang that the cart is in need of new suspension (he says while looking in Mordecai and Rigby's direction), the abandoned cemetery is falling apart, and the house is in need of general repairs, such as loose floorboards that break under Muscle Man's weight. Because there's not enough money to cover the costs for any of the repairs, he asks the gang to put their heads together to think of a fundraising solution. Rigby demands to know what's in for the gang if their goal is reached and Benson proposes that whoever comes up for their recipe for success will earn a paid day off. Muscle Man suggests a sports tournament with some pristine sports equipment in the shed before falling through the floorboards altogether. Benson asks for more ideas; he shoots down Pops' idea for a bake sale, remains undecided on Skips' idea for a concert, and reluctantly hears out Mordecai and Rigby. The two of them propose a scary movie night in the abandoned and trash-covered cemetery and Benson is all for it. while Muscle Man remains unconvinced, Skips states that there was a movie screening hosted in the cemetery a long time ago that proved a huge success and Pops likes the idea of exploring the art of Macabre in such an appropriate way. Benson greenlights the operation and gives everybody their assignments: Skips will set up the chairs, Pops will handle concessions, Muscle Man and High Five Ghost will rig the decorations, Benson will man the admissions booth, and Mordecai and Rigby are in charge of getting the movie and getting the word out. When Benson warns the two of them that earning a paid day off is dependent on the success of their Horror Movie Screening, they gloat that their idea will work in one of their sing-song duets. Benson shuts them up out of anger, prompting the boys to proceed with their mission.

At the Movie Shack Hut, the boys scour the Horror section looking for the right film. Rigby suggests Mounties of Death: Hoser Spree, but Mordecai doesn't recommend it, citing the book was better. He then finds Libraria, an Italian Horror classic, but Rigby shoots that down right away, saying that any audience would avoid the need for subtitles. When the store clerk overhears their conversation, he lures them in with a notorious Horror blockbuster from his personal stash: Zombocalypse 3D. Rigby remembers this very film from a few years ago, but the clerk explains this is not the same version - It's the foreign bootleg director's cut, which he explains is "3 hours and 28 minutes of remastered pee-your-pants horror and gore that'll make [your] eyeballs barf." He then explains the film's video tape is a zetamax 3D unit which is said to be the only way to truly experience the movie. He then shows the boys the pièce de résistance: the Zetamax Projectron LLX that will play the movie and make all its zombies really "pop." That clenches the pitch and the boys are set for their movie. The clerk hooks them up with enough 3D glasses for their inevitable audience and proceeds to ring them up and the boys high-five, looking forward to their equally-inevitable paid day off.

Once they have their movie secured, the boys proceed to clean up the abandoned cemetery enough to be presentable for their Horror Screening. Once that's done, they proceed with Phase 2 of their operation: Getting the Word Out. It proves difficult at first, as nobody is interested in the fliers they try handing out. Fortunately, the rest of their preparations are coming along wonderfully. Skips has finished setting up the chairs, the new Projectron works like a charm, and the decorations Muscle Man and High Five Ghost are putting together are dressed to kill. As for getting the word out, the boys hang up as many fliers as they can and Benson is soon overwhelmed with customers when the two of them find the right traffic for Horror lovers everywhere. The event is totally sold out and Benson's currency chest is overflowing with cash.

By the time the night of the screening arrives, the venue is packed with customers. While Pops treats everybody to cotton candy, Benson is still in total awe at Mordecai and Rigby actually coming through. Muscle Man, still disappointed about Mordecai and Rigby's idea being chosen over his, sticks with the belief that this movie night will be a failure and keeps his sports equipment handy as a fallout plan. The boys start the movie and it starts off to cheers from the audience. Rigby is afraid when the movie hits a particularly frightening scene. Mordecai tries to comfort him, but only succeeds in startling him into freaking out and he hits the Projectron, knocking the tape out. The movie is interrupted and the audience gets restless, so Benson silently orders the boys to fix the problem right away from his seat in the audience before people start demanding their money back. They scramble to set the Projectron back up and in his haste to clean the tape, Rigby spits and it before putting it back in the Projectron. When it doesn't play, Rigby climbs on it and tries rocking it hard, desperately trying to turn the movie back on in a hurry. His struggling only causes it to fire a laser from its projector scope that hits every tomb in the cemetery, and the electrostatic charge from it seeps down into the ground until it reaches the sleeping corpses, awakening them. Mordecai fixes the problem with the Projectron when he realizes Rigby put the tape in backwards and the movie is allowed to pick up right where it left off just fine. Just then, an actual zombie arises from its grave and tears through the projection screen. At first, the boys are marveling at the claims regarding the state-of-the-art 3D evidently being true, only for them to realize that neither of them are wearing their 3D glasses. When the zombie approaches one of the guests, they realize they've created an actual zombie and must think of a way to get rid of it quickly. When they watch the methodology of the zombie slayer in the movie, they resort to Muscle Man's sports equipment and Mordecai swiftly decapitates the zombie with a perfect discus throw. Just when the two of them think they're in the clear, the entire ground shakes and the rest of the cemetery's "residents" arise from their tombs, ready to devour the audience, who are totally oblivious to the threat thanks to their 3D glasses and the excitement of the movie. Realizing they're about to face a real-life zombie hoard, Mordecai and Rigby team up to keep the zombies away from the people and charge off into battle with the rest of Muscle Man's sports equipment. The two of them shred down the brain-dead monsters left and right while inadvertently entertaining the oblivious audience with their heroism. Just when the two of them appear surrounded, Muscle Man and Skips come to the rescue. Skips mirrors an attack from the movie's hero by kabobbing 3 zombies on a bo staff and Muscle Man saves Pops from one with a shot put. Skips, Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Hi Five Ghost contain the zombie hoard while the customers still believe it is part of the movie. Just when it looks like the gang will triumph over the undead, a zombie body builder whose name was Howard "Hellion" Fightington (1880–1923) arises after all the others have been defeated. This beast serves as the final boss of the zombie hoard, just like the Master Zombie in the movie's final battle. He defeats skips quickly and redirects Mordecai and Rigby's javelin attacks. With no way of defeating him head on because of his brute strength and nigh-invulnerability, the boys find a golf cart and move it right to the central isle in the audience. Mordecai heroically monologues his declaration of justice to the monster alongside the movie's hero and floors the cart's gas, ramming him head on after jumping out at the last second and destroying him for good in the resulting explosion. The fire from the explosion burns down the screen right as the movie ends and the audience gives a standing ovation to such a spectacular event (still totally unaware of the danger they were in). As soon as they leave, Mordecai and Rigby are able to declare their victory and Benson congratulates them for event, claiming he felt like he was in the movie itself (as stated before, little does he know). He cordially awards them with their paid day off, and declares that they'll earn another one by redoing the exact same thing tomorrow night. As Benson walks off laughing, Mordecai, not wanting to fight another zombie hoard to the death, ends the episode by asking Benson if they could instead take their paid day off tomorrow.






  • A flash game based on this episode was released on the Cartoon Network website (and eventually the Apple iOS store) called, Nightmare-athon.
  • The Park is revealed to have a cemetery.
  • The park previously had a successful movie night in the abandoned cemetery.
  • Mordecai believes the book version of Mounties of Death: Hoser Spree was better than the movie.

Episode Connections[]

  • Skips is assigned by Benson to set up the chairs for the movie, not Mordecai and Rigby. This relates to the Benson agreeing not to make Mordecai and Rigby set up the chairs next time. (TV: Just Set Up the Chairs)
  • Muscle Man does the same spin throw again. (TV: Starter Pack)

Pop Culture References[]

  • The film that Mordecai and Rigby rent, Zombocalypse 3D, appears to be based on numerous different 80's horror movies such as Dawn of the Dead and The Evil Dead series.
  • The cover of Zombocalypse 3D bears a close resemblance to the cover of the 1993 video game Doom.
  • Another film seen is, Libraria, a reference to the 1977 film "Suspiria"
  • The film Mounties Of Death: Hoser Spree seems to be a homage to all slasher films and not any specific one.

Production Notes[]

  • This episode received 1.926 million views worldwide.


  • The markings High Five Ghost draws on the fake skeleton incorrectly appears in front of his body.
  • When Mordecai and Rigby drive the golf cart towards Howard Fightington, the zombie can briefly be seen layered on top of the cart's dashboard instead of being obscured by it.

Alternate Versions[]


  • This episode was banned, but was later unbanned.