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Graffiti Monster 2

The Graffiti Monsters, are the name of graffiti artwork that came to life in "Under the Hood". They reside in a void home to Park Avenue's artwork.



The Head-Spider appears as a green head with a beard, mouths for eyes, and six purple, long spider legs coming out of the sides of it.


The Bat-Zipper appears as a zipper and when it opens it appears as a mouth. It has two leathery bats wings on the sides.

Handed Creature

The Handed Creature appears as a red creature with a body that looks similar to a Pirahna Plant from the Super Mario series. It has a mouth in the front of the body. It has two giant light-beige hands that can grab stuff. The hands have mouths on the palms and eyes on the fingers.


  • Bat-Zipper is the only monster that can fly.
  • Their roars sound like monsters from Tsuburaya's Ultra series. For example, handed creature has Golza from Ultraman Tiga's roar and the spider one has Eragas from Ultraman Max's roar.
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