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The Golf Cart (nicknamed Carty) is a Park vehicle that is seen in most episodes. Mordecai and Rigby are its most frequent users, but Muscle Man, Hi Five Ghost, Pops, and Benson also drive it, although less often. Skips is rarely seen using it, since he owns a van, and Pops owns a car, but he uses the Golf Cart more than he uses his it. Another golf cart also came to life and was destroyed in Out of Commission.


The Golf Cart is an average golf cart. It is mostly white, with grey poles on its sides to hold up the roof—which is white, a white seat, and a white body. Its wheels and tires are black.


  • The Golf Cart is often seen to have car-like attributes, such as high speed, good handling and even 4WD.
  • Goof: In Cool Bikes, the Golf Cart was shown to have a turbo boost button and could be driven to speeds up to 200 mph, something only the fastest cars can do. Mordecai and Rigby also used it like a skateboard at the start of the same episode.
  • The park seems to have more than one golf cart although the characters always say "the Cart".
  • Another golf cart actually came to life in "Out of Commission".
  • Rigby calls it the eighth member of the park.
  • Sometimes, the Golf Cart has two-row seats.


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