The God Of Breaking appears in the 2015 short entitled Break Time.


The short begins with Mordecai, Rigby, High Five Ghost and Muscle man asking Benson for a break after feeling exhausted from doing too much work.

Benson repies with "You wanna break? I'll give you a break" before busting out an impressive break dance routine, he then walks off leaving the them in awe.

The God Of Breaking then floats out of Benson's mouth revealing he was the one doing the break dancing the whole time. Benson thanks him for the help then he replies with "the only way to get you're employees to respect you is to be really good at breaking". He then zapps away.


  • He could be associated some way with the God of Basketball as they are both glowing 'gods'.
Regular Show - Break Time - Cartoon Network

Regular Show - Break Time - Cartoon Network

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