For unknown reasons, Mordecai and Rigby are dead. Benson tells the remaining park employees an obituary about the two and how they were his friends. Skips and Muscle Man realize that there was one job that Benson forgot, and tell him to meet them after the meeting. Muscle Man tells him that they have to fire them despite Benson telling him that he had seen their memorial and he hand dug their grave. Skips further tells him that if he does not fire him, they will haunt the house forever. Over a period of 3 Months, he tries to fire them, only to get scared every time. He thinks he finally got them with their video games, but fails.

Then, Benson remembers Mr. Maellard telling him that the worker is not technically fired until he deletes them from the employee database. Benson races to the computer while trying to avoid the two. He sees his office in a ghastly tornado and sees the computer. He tries dauntingly to get there, until the duo try to intervene. Benson shoves them away and tries to remove them from the database. However, Popups of the two block him from successfully firing them. He deletes them and finally fires the two, excited about his success. But just as his celebrating is starting, his soul is sucked out. Mordecai and Rigby tell him that he's dead, not them.

They then tell him about how he died; He was hooking up Halloween decorations when, suddenly, the two show him a scary mask. Benson, while on a ladder, falls off and dies from blunt force trauma. Rigby tells him that he's been haunting the house for 3 months. Benson tells them that they have ruined his so-called office until Mordecai backs him up, telling him that it's their office now and Rigby tells him that they got promoted. The scenery changes into a graveyard and Mordecai shows Benson his grave.

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