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Gary (formally known as Gareth) is the messenger for the Guardians of Eternal Youth and the King of the planet, Synthos.


200 years ago, Gary was the king of his planet Synthos, but he decided to leave to travel to the galaxy before returning, keeping his synthesizer in Skips's garage while he did this. His half-brother David took over the throne in his absence, and made everything strict, banning all "challenging" and inharmonious music. When Gary returned to Synthos with the (accidental) help of Mordecai and Rigby, he challenged David and defeated him in a music battle. However, he then announced to the Synthizens that from now on, Synthos will have no ruler, and everyone should let music be their guide.

He owns an El Camino, which can fly, and travels through a wormhole of some kind to reach the floating oasis where the Guardians of Eternal Youth live. He went to high school with them, and Skips.

Gary's first appearance is in the episode, "Free Cake", in which he appears to condemn Skips to death after he didn't complete the ritual of youth dance. Skips seems to be a friend of Gary's, since he said: "Gary, you don't have to do this!" He was seen competing against Skips at bowling in "Skips Strikes," along with other minor characters from Seasons 1 and 2, and was on a bowling team called "Magical Elements". In "Cool Bikes," he appears to be friends with Mordecai and Rigby, acting as their lawyer. When the Cool Courthouse explodes, he is seen escaping in his El Camino. He appears in the Season 4 premiere, "Exit 9B", assisting Skips and the others with his El Camino after Skips whistles for them. After Mordecai and Rigby obtain Benson's signature, Gary later returns in his El Camino with the others riding along. After Thomas gets knocked down by Garrett Bobby Ferguson, Jr., Gary rushes in with the El Camino to save him. When the portal is returning everything to normal, he's seen dodging obstacles. After that, he doesn't appear like the other minor characters, but can be presumed returning to his location.


Guardians of Eternal Youth

He collaborates with them as a driver, as shown in "Free Cake" and "Fists of Justice." Along with Skips, they attended high school as shown in the episode "Skips' Story".

Mordecai and Rigby

He appears to be their friends, as shown in the episode "Cool Bikes", where he defends them in court. However, in "Skips Strikes," he acts as their rival, being one of the members of the opposing bowling team.


He appears to know a lot about his past, such as the fact that his name is really Walks, as shown in "Skips Strikes" and "Skips' Story".

Magical Elements

The Magical Elements is the bowling team and dodgeball team that he is on.


David is Gary's half brother. When he returned to Synthos and discovered David had wrongfully become ruler, he decided to duel him in a music battle. Gary managed to defeat David, and his physical form was destroyed along with his disk that can retrieve him. Gary doesn't seem bothered that his half brother is dead, and did not seem to like him.


  • Gary was an antagonist in his first 2 appearances, but after that he redeemed himself and became an ally of the main cast.
  • He holds the record for having had speaking roles in the most episodes as a minor character, and is in more episodes than any other minor character except Dude.
    • "Exit 9B" is his least speaking role, as his only line was "Thomas!," though it was hardly heard.
  • Like Ziggy, his character is a tribute to David Bowie who died on January 10, 2016. He bears a strong resemblance to Bowie. In addition, his name "Gareth" seems to be a pun with Jareth, a character from the 1986 movie Labyrinth, portrayed by Bowie himself.
  • In the episode Cool Bikes, it is shown that Gary survived the explosion because he is driving home when it happens.
  • In Skips' Story, it is shown that he went to the same high school as Skips and The Guardians of Eternal Youth.
  • In the episode Skips in the Saddle, it is revealed that Gary likes to go to a club called the Shark Tank.
    • He also seems to be accustomed to dating, seeing as the ladies were impressed by everything he said and did.


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