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Garrett Bobby Ferguson, Jr., also known as The Contractor and GBFJ, was the son of Garrett Bobby Ferguson. He first appeared in the Season Four episode "Exit 9B".


In the episode "Exit 9B", he forcefully takes the park from the staff and erases all their memories (except Mordecai and Rigby, who escaped in a time machine). Near the episode's climax, he reveals that he wanted to build the highway as a portal to the underworld where he can revive all of the park staff's enemies (including his father) to get revenge on them for their murderous defeats. At the end of the episode, Mordecai and Rigby manage to collect all the staff's signatures, legally making the park a landmark. This causes the portal to suck all the revived villains back in, and GBF and GBF Jr. to explode.


Garrett Jr. first took the form of a full-grown man with full facial hair and sunglasses. He also wore a white shirt with a red business tie and brown jeans. He later reveals his true form to be a floating, regular-sized head. After his father appeared, they both sprouted arms and legs, but no torso.




Episode Appearances

  1. Exit 9B (debut)


He was defeated by Thomas, who remained at the portal sent by his father to desintegrated.


  • He is voiced by Roger Craig Smith from is previous voice actor Craig Smith share Cool Court Prosecutor from the episode "Cool Bikes".
  • Even though he is the son of Garrett Bobby Ferguson, in the episode "High Score" Garrett claims he never had a wife. It's possible that he had Jr. when he was still in a relationship, reproduced asexually, or was lying about never having a wife.


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