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"Garage Door" is the twenty-third episode in Season 6 (and one-hundred and seventy sixth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on April 2, 2015.


The gang must head out to buy a new garage door after Pops damages the old one.


We start off with Benson noticing the garage door is open, so he closes it and looks down to his clipboard, but what he does not see is that the door is painted exactly like the interior. He looks up and is confused, so Benson presses the button again and notices the prank. Immediately, he blames Mordecai and Rigby, but before he can find them to punish them, Pops enters, driving his car straight for the garage. Before Benson can react, Pops crashes into the garage.

In the next scene, Mordecai, Rigby, Benson and a bunch of firemen are all outside the garage. One fireman uses a machine to cut the garage door to free Pops, as he is stuck inside. Mordecai and Rigby inquire what the tool is; the fireman explains that the tool is called "The Jaws of Life" and that they come with every firetruck. Benson then approaches them and yells at Mordecai and Rigby to go to the home department warehouse to pick up a new garage door, and adds he wants it done by the end of the day, once again using the standard firing threat. Pops, who is now free, insists on coming along, as he believes it was his fault that he broke the door.

At the department store, the gang enters, only to notice the Eggscellent Knight, who explains that he got a new job after the events of "Gamers Never Say Die". The gang explains the situation, and the knight tells them they must go to the depths of the warehouse and pass 3 trials in order to get to their destination; the knight leads the way.

A time skip hints that they have walked a far distance, so they decide to take a quick rest. Luckily, Pops notices a convenient machine; a bed-car hybrid called "the jazzy bed". They use it to get to the first trial, which is to separate the nuts from the bolts in a large pile in 60 seconds. After some sorting, they stumble upon a nut and a bolt combined; Mordecai tells the nuts and bolt guardian that it is neither, and they pass the first test. The next test is to unclog a toilet; Rigby approaches this badly, and just starts to jam the plunger into the toilet with lots of force. This causes the room to start to flood with water. Mordecai and Rigby keep calm and come up with the idea that they should do it in a rhythm which is "plunge plunge, flush flush". It works, and they continue on their journey.

A montage then begins of the gang passing various tests, and the knight explaining that he is a new employee and did not know of these other trials.

Now at the final trial, they see two statues (A statue of a dog lady and a cat lady) and a knight. Luckily for them, the knight is another adventurer who tries to pass, but gets vaporized when the statues shoot lasers at him. The gang does not see any way to bypass the statues, so they set their car to full speed and charge in; they are able to jump off the car before the beams hit them. They finally arrive at their destination, and see the garage door salesman, who himself is a garage door. However, the salesman explains that he is working with the last customer and he will not service them. Luckily, the salesman gets trapped under a garage door and the customer runs off. The salesman states that he will die if they do not help him soon, and offers a reward in exchange for his life. Conveniently, there is a fire truck across the room, and Mordecai remembers "The Jaws of Life" from earlier. Mordecai and Rigby are able to easily find them and save the salesman; sadly, the reward he offers is a $20 installation. They refuse the offer and just buy the door, and exit the store. Out in the parking lot, the Knight congratulates the gang on another successful quest.

Back at the park, Benson sees the new door installed and ready to go. Rigby presses the button to demonstrate, but the whole garage collapses.


S6E23 Garage Door Credits


  • A sneak peek of the episode was released on iTunes and Google Play as part of a Regular Show: Volume 10 preview.

Episode Connections[]

  • Eggscellent Knight brings up the events from "Gamers Never Say Die" when he mentioned that he lost his job after Maury Moto's room floated away.

Pop Culture References[]

  • House Warehouse is a parody of Lowe's and The Home Depot.
  • The last challenge with the two statues is a reference to The NeverEnding Story''.