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(Episode starts at Pops' House)


Rigby:AAH!!!! Don't do that!!

Mordecai: Dude you gotta stop sleeping with your eyes open. It's creepy

Rigby: Whatever it's totally unatura-OH WHAT?! A 'Tonare 3500' (reference to the Atari 2600). Where did you get this?

Mordecai: I found it at my parents house. And look what else I've found. (throws a game to Rigby).

Rigby: (looks at the game) Whaaaat? Tim and Mark's Golden Badge Secret Adventure. You've never got pass level 65 because we were dumb kids who didn't how to play video games.

Mordecai: Oh I bet we can get pass level 65 now.

Rigby: Oh I bet we can beat the whole game right now.

Mordecai: Plus it's saturday, so we won't even have to get in trouble.

(Mordecai gets rid of their current console which looks like a SEGA Master System and Rigby places the Tonare 3500.Then Mordecai plugs in the cord to the outlet, Rigby puts in the game into the system, Mordecai plugs another cord into the TV then turns on the system. Then the startup screen with a woman's voice saying "TONARE!")

Mordecai and Rigby: So many memories.

(The title screen for Golden Blade Secret Adventure comes up.)

Rigby: Hpmh! Hpmh! This is only gonna take 20 minutes top.

('10 Hours Later')

Rigby: What's that?

Mordecai: Dude, it's the final boss. We're gonna beat it. (Still playing the game) 1...2...3!

(They beat the boss)

Mordecai and Rigby: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah.

Mordecai: Huh? (gasp) It's legendary game designer Maury Moto!

Maury: Congratulations. You are a super player. Claim your golden blade here.

Rigby: Wait? They're real?! Golden game badges are real?

Mordecai: Dude, take a picture we gotta save the map.

(Rigby takes a picture of the map on the TV).

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