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The Game Store Manager is the main antagonist in the episode "But I Have a Receipt". He is the only one who thinks the The Realm of Darthon is cool, and he refuses to give Mordecai and Rigby a refund. He is very nerdy and probably isn't very athletic. He gets angry when they brutally sabotage his business by getting rid of everyone, so he traps them in the game and becomes Darthon. He almost killed them in the game, but they began to use their imagination, and Mordecai stabbed him with a sword (Which was actually a ruler). After his defeat, he gives Mordecai and Rigby back their money, which was seven dollars (Or as Rigby calls it, seven bones). He tries to leave, but Mordecai tells him that they can take him to the hospital due to him having been impaled by a ruler. However, he refuses the help, gets in his car, and is unable to move, due to the fact that the ruler was hitting the steering wheel and he (supposedly) died.

He is revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. as Darthon in "Exit 9B". However, he was sent back to the portal after Thomas signs the document.


He wears a green polo shirt and long pants. His look as a normal game store manager is overall business casual. As Darthon, he wears silver armour. He wears a helmet and bears pauldrons on each of his shoulders. The armour on his arms is a darker colour than the rest of his armour, and he has couters covering his elbows. On top of his helmet is a large black cloud-shaped plume.


  • He had 4 inches of the ruler in him after Mordecai stabbed him.
  • Reruns of "But I Have a Receipt" show that he survived the wound from the ruler and drove off.
  • Goof: He was shown in "That's My Television", even though he's (supposedly) dead. He was also shown again in "Take the Cake" in 1953, looking exactly the same, though it could be his ancestor.