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"Fuzzy Dice" is the thirty-seventh episode in Season 3 (and seventy-seventh episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on August 20, 2012.


The gang must win one million tickets at an arcade (the Fun Fun Zone) to buy an expensive pair of fuzzy dice for Pops' birthday.


Benson holds a meeting for the park employees, in which they discuss what to get Pops for his birthday. After multiple suggestions, Pops enters the room, and states that he wants a pair of fuzzy dice from the Fun Fun Zone. Despite everyone despising the place (because of the screaming children, low-quality food, and animated electronic band), the gang decides to head to the restaurant to get the dice. When they arrive, an employee tells them that without a child, they may not enter. They walk out, dejected, but Skips has an idea. They re-enter the Fun Fun Zone, this time with Rigby dressed as a child. With this, they are allowed to enter. They go up to the prize center, and ask how much the dice cost. The man working the counter, Diego Montez, tells them that the prize costs 1,000,000 tickets, but Benson informs him he plans to pay with cash. Diego informs him that tickets are a penny each, thus raising the cost of the dice to $10,000. Benson then informs the gang that they need to win tickets to get the dice. After everyone plays various games to get tickets, they only need 20,000 tickets remaining.

They then play "Skee Ballz" to win the remainder of tickets. Benson devises a strategy that everyone should go in succession of each other in order to get maximum points. They succeed, and they purchase the dice, but the animatronic band comes and steals the dice. They drive away in a car, causing the park employees to follow them in a chase. After the animatronics car explodes, they attempt to run, but they are stopped by the park employees. The band explains they stole millions worth of uncut diamonds, and stuffed them in the dice. Benson recalls that story, as he read 10 years ago that the diamonds were stolen. Rigby asks if they can have the dice without the diamonds, but the animatronics refuse to do so and that the park employees know too much. Muscle Man leaps towards them and snags the dice. Muscle Man throws them to Skips, who then throws them to Rigby. The leader of the band then attempts to shoot him, but The FBI shows up, and a shoot-out occurs, and the robots are shot and destroyed. The gang gets the dice, and a montage occurs. The montage states that the gang got the dice after the FBI retrieved the uncut diamonds, but the whereabouts of the band are currently unknown, as no sightings have occurred, Diego Montez quits his job at the Fun Fun Zone 3 1/2 weeks and is now very wealthy, and that Pops loved the dice and Muscle Man did too, but a little too much. The montage, as well as the episode, ends as the screen cuts to black.




  • Not only are the dice are overpriced, but it would be impossible for Benson to carry 1 million tickets to the prize counter. 1 million tickets are too heavy for a person to carry unless they had some sort of vehicle to aid them.

Episode Connections

Pop Culture References

  • During the montage at the end of the episode, the song "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds plays.
  • The Fun Fun Zone is a clear parody of Chuck E. Cheese.
  • The episode contains a dual reference to the actor Al Pacino.
    • This may be because the Capicola Gang's leader might be based on Vito Corleone from the Godfather and Diego Montez might be based on Tony Montana from Scarface. Both of those movies had Al Pacino as the main character.


  • There's a possible contradiction where Mordecai is seen playing Skee Ball during the montage by himself despite the game requiring several players to win.