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"Fun Run" is a Regular Show short released by Cartoon Network on September 1, 2015.


The short starts off with Mordecai and Rigby doing some gardening. As Pops enjoys some company with a flock of hummingbirds while watering the rose bushes, Pops notices a man jogging by. Pops asks the duo why he's running since no one is chasing him, Mordecai responds that he's doing a fun run, just running for fun. Fascinated with this concept, Pops decides to go on a fun run himself. After getting into a jogging uniform, he inserts a cassette (Beloved Musical Jams) into a tape player, and the song "I Ran (So Far Away)" by A Flock of Seagulls begins playing over the background.

Throughout the entire short, Pops is shown jogging all over the city, where bystanders wave him on, and the other park members perform the song in 80's attire (with their voices altered), even Eileen makes a cameo by doing an interpretive dance for just a couple seconds. Pops' jog doesn't stop, no matter how bad the weather conditions are. Pops' jog eventually begins to go on as far as out of the city, even as going as far as riding along a rainbow to see the cosmos from up above. Pops starts to get tired, but his determination motivates him, and his speed boosts up.

Pops has spent so much time jogging, he eventually begins to grow a beard. By now, Pops is starting to visit some of the United States' most famous landmarks, which include the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, and Mount Rushmore. Eventually, people begin to jog along with Pops. Pops arrives to a pier, where a flock of seagulls (not the band) pick up Pops, and carry him away much to the awe of the joggers. Pops' clothes can be seen ripping off his body. With Pops gone in the distance, the joggers leave. The short ends with the heads of the park workers staring into the distance, still in their band attire, ending the song, and the short.


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  • One of the joggers following Pops near the end of the short looks like a human CJ: similar hairstyle, and the same red and white striped tank-top and brown shorts.

Episode Connections[]

  • The penguin from the short, "USA! USA!" can be seen in a street.
  • The scene of the sun from the final of the short hás a spoiler from the final episode of the series.

Pop Culture References[]

  • This short included a real life song, "I Ran (So Far Away)" by A Flock of Seagulls. This song was also used in the video game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
  • The scene where people decide to follow along with Pops is similar to a scene in the 1994 movie, Forrest Gump, where Forrest Gump decided to go on a jog that lasted for many days, and people, inspired by his efforts, decide to follow him as well.
  • The scenes when you see the gang singing the song is a parody of the music video of the song in this episode.
    • In fact, Mordecai's appearance is a parody of Mike Score's appearance in the music video for the song in the short.
  • There's an Easter egg at the end where a flock of seagulls carries Pops over the ocean. This is a reference to the band named A Flock of Seagulls, who made the song featured in this video.