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Fred Tatasciore
Full name: Frederick Tatasciore
Birth date: June 15, 1967 (age 48)
Birth place: New York, New York
Occupation: Voice actor
Education: UCLA

Frederick "Fred" Tatasciore[1] is an American voice actor for Regular Show.[2]

Early life

Frederick Tatasciore was born in New York City and raised in Los Angeles, California.[2][3] He attended college at UCLA, earning a master's degree in acting and animation.[3]


Fred Tatasciore

He started voice acting in 1983, providing scream effects in the Jackie Chan action film Project A.[4] He has also voice acted in the films Tangled and Barnyard, and has provided his voice on the following television shows: Family Guy, American Dad!, Robot Chicken, Back at the Barnyard, Chowder, Invader Zim and Wander Over Yonder.[3][4] His voice acting agency is Cunningham, Escott, Slevin & Doherty (CESD).[1] He has voiced Muscle Dad, Muscle Man's father, among others.[2]

Voice credits

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Season 3

  1. "Trucker Hall of Fame" - Muscle Dad

Season 4

  1. "The Christmas Special" - Bear
  2. "A Bunch of Full Grown Geese" - Goose, Goose Monster
  3. "Blind Trust" - Moose, Animals

Season 5

  1. "Power Tower" - Muscle Dad, 70's Guy #3, Frederico
  2. "The Thanksgiving Special" - Turkey, Farmer Jimmy

Season 6

  1. "Terror Tales of the Park IV" - Werewolf
  2. "The Real Thomas" - Karpov, President Davis, Aisa Goon 2
  3. "The White Elephant Gift Exchange" - White Elephant
  4. "Mordecai and Rigby Down Under" - Announcer, Bogan, Luke
  5. "Happy Birthday Song Contest" - Farmer Jimmy, Waiter 1, Dante
  6. "Men in Uniform" - Bro 1, East Pines Worker
  7. "Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special" - Goose 1, Playco 1
  8. "Dumped at the Altar" - Muscle Dad

Season 7

  1. "Sleep Cycle" - Barista, Apollo, Regular Guy
  2. "Crazy Fake Plan" - Gang Leader, Weird Guy
  3. "Win That Prize" - Guard, Chef, Guard 2

Season 8

  1. "Can You Ear Me Now?" - Goose 1
  2. "Meet the Seer" - Black & White

Personal life

In his spare time, he works as an independent animator.[3] He also performs stand-up comedy, improvisation and theater.[3] He resides in the West Coast with his pets.[3]

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