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Frank Jones
Frank Jones
Biographical Information
Occupation: Health inspector
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black
Show Information
Voiced by: John Cygan
Appears in: "Trailer Trashed"

Frank Jones was the main antagonist in the episode "Trailer Trashed".


He wears a white suit and shirt, brown pants, and black tie. He has brown, shoulder length hair and a goatee. He also wears glasses. During the hotdog eating contest, he wore a white tank top and didn't have any glasses.


Frank Jones took part in a hotdog-eating contest with Muscle Man. Using a water technique, Muscle Man successfully won the contest and a new trailer while the latter went empty-handed. He decided to lay low at the City Dump, where he met with a bunch of guys and later deemed his army. He vowed to get the trailer from Muscle Man.

Frank went to The Park disguised as a health inspector. After "inspecting" the Park, he spotted the trailer. He spray-painted the door of the trailer after taking one look at the inside, and plans to take it to the dump, leaving Muscle Man upset. However, Benson tells Frank that Muscle Man needs 24 hours to get the trailer "up to code", to which Frank accepts. The park workers pitch in and work day and night to perfect the trailer. The next day, Frank arrives with his two henchmen. He is overall impressed with the hard work they put into the trailer, but he says he still has to fail Muscle Man. As he points out the parts of the trailer that are not up to code, the henchmen intentionally cause those parts to be in that state (including himself). Muscle Man punches Frank in the face, not wanting to let go of his trailer.

Frank and his henchmen retreated to the City Dump, and got his army together. They went to the Park entrance, and Frank ordered Muscle Man to either hand over the trailer, or engage in violence and horror. Muscle Man replied, "You know who else leads to violence and horror? "MY MOM!". He then lead the park workers (except Fives) on the road to the border. Frank's army chased them down, defeating all the park workers as they were being defeated. When it came down to Muscle Man and himself, Frank told him that he wasn't a health inspector, but he was the runner-up of the hotdog-eating contest Muscle Man won the trailer from. He then said that he shouldn't have won because of using water to mush the hotdogs is cheating, but Muscle Man replies about using that kind of technique was allowed. Later, Muscle Man decided to let Frank "have" the trailer, before disabling the steering wheel of the truck. Frank climbed to the back to get the trailer, only to find it was a prank set up by Muscle Man. He is last seen falling off the cliff with the truck, before he is destroyed.


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