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Francis Jablonski is a former student and a substitute gym coach of West Anderson High School and older brother of Aiden Jablonski and the nemesis of Rigby. He made his first appearance in Regular Show: The Movie.


He is tall, has blonde hair, wears glasses and head gear. In his youth, he wears a red shirt and a volleyball jacket and he had muscular build too. In the present, he is now bulky and has a small goatee.


He was Rigby's nemesis who ruined his volleyball state championship game in high school. This still carries on to adulthood until Rigby defeats him in a one-on-one food run competition. After that, he finally learns his lesson from what Rigby told him to forget his past in high school and think of a new life for his future to reconcile with his old nemesis.



"Regular Show: The Movie"


"Rigby's Graduation Day Special"


  • Jablonski (Jabłoński) is popular Polish surname.
  • He was unbeatable at his own game, Food Run, until his school rival, Rigby, beat him.