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"Fortune Cookie" is the thirteenth episode in Season Three (and fifty-third episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on January 23, 2012.


After Rigby steals his fortune at a Chinese restaurant, Benson falls victim to a streak of bad luck.


All the park workers gather at a Chinese restaurant that Benson picked out of random in celebration of his good luck (a long winning-streak while gambling with Rigby the night before). Rigby, however, is less enthusiastic at his loss of stuff that caused Benson's good fortune. After a copious meal (one that Rigby hardly participated in because of a ridiculously long wait for a glass of water), fortune cookies are handed out. Rigby, getting a fortune showing even more bad luck, decides (despite Mordecai's protests) to swap his fortune with that of Benson's, which shows him getting good luck, when Benson isn't looking.

As the day progresses, Rigby is getting impossibly lucky: repeatedly winning at Rock, Paper, Scissors; randomly getting pizza, drinks, and cash; setting the world record in a video game without looking or touching it (despite the fact that he is terrible at video games); and being invited to be on the cover Video Game Monthly. Meanwhile, Benson is getting impossibly unlucky, enduring uncountable bee stings, beatings and other unfortunate events, which lead to him losing his car, wallet, driver's license, paycheck, and apartment.

Mordecai is upset, even frustrated at how Rigby is getting all of that good luck, constantly reminding him of his stolen luck, but Rigby shrugs it off as him just being jealous of his luck. Mordecai decides to tell Benson, after finding out his phone number had been disconnected and after some searching around the park, he then finds that Benson had resorted to card playing in Skips' garage to try and re-kindle his luck. Unfortunately, Benson gambles away the Park to a warlock ('the guy with the fanny pack'), who opened his fanny pack to collect his winnings.

Right when The Park on the brink of being taken away, Mordecai finds Rigby and tells him to switch the fortunes because Benson's luck is getting so bad it's going to destroy the park. Rigby decides enough is enough and swaps fortunes with Benson, restoring the park. Next, Rigby's interview is canceled and we learn that Muscle Man will be on the cover of Video Game Monthly. It was revealed at the end of the episode that earlier in the restaurant, Muscle Man switched his fortune cookie with Rigby's, thus giving Rigby the bad fortune that he eventually gave to Benson. The fortune Muscle Man received said that Muscle Man was to be on the cover of Video Game Monthly.


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Episode Connections[]

  • During Benson's bad luck montage, he's shown using a 'World's Greatest Boss' mug, which then leaks coffee into his lap. In the following season, he is later gifted a 'World's Best Boss' mug by the park employees. (TV: World's Best Boss)

Pop Culture References[]

  • The videogame Rigby is playing, Super Donkey Bros. is a clear reference to the video games Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong.
  • The design of the character, the warlock, is a clear reference to the character David Lopan from the 1986 film Big Trouble in Little China.
    • Coincidentally, James Hong who played David Lopan also played the warlock.

Production Notes[]

  • This episode received 1.864 million views worldwide.


  • Benson mentions "accounting" lost his paycheck. However the accounting department is never seen or mentioned in other episodes. Additionally, Benson is seen in an earlier episode, High Score, personally delivering everyone's paychecks.
  • During the first scene where Benson holds the menu, the menu has three columns and doesn't have anything written on it, But when he gives it to the waiter it has five columns and has 5 written circles on it, and when the waiter writes on it, the circles switch places.
  • In the restaurant, Rigby seems to be full, but then he says, in the next frame, that he has not eaten anything. His belly was full, but in the wide shot, he showed Rigby mad and thin.
  • During one scene in Skips' house, his stomach is white.
  • Benson could not have thrown the park in as a deal as it's Mr. Maellard's park.
  • Benson is shown with butt cheeks after his robe is sucked off. His butt cheeks are never seen in other episodes, even though he is always naked.