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Fist Pump is a fictional band. It is comprised of four members. The band is meant to mock bands from the 80s. Fist Pump's theme song is a parody of the song Hold the Line by Toto. Mordecai claims, "that [Fist Pump] is intended to be for third graders." In the commercial advertising the concert, however, it was to have been for children ages eleven to fifteen. Mordecai and Rigby got extra money for doing extra work for Benson (Who does not approve of the band) so that they could buy tickets to see them at Slammers. It seems that Skips likes them, and according to their promo commercial, they also used to be in jail and rehab. So far, their only appearance has been in Caffeinated Concert Tickets. A Fist Pump album is seen in Margaret's car in Butt Dial. They are also shown in Caveman when Mordecai and Rigby teach Gregg about music.




They are ecstatic and energetic musicians. They perform extreme concerts, like their one in the Space Tree. They have apparently been to prison before, probably because of their outrageous stunts. They have many fans, including Margaret, as shown in Caffeinated Concert Tickets.




"Caffeinated Concert Tickets"

"Stuck in an Elevator"

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