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For the original pilot that aired online, click here. This page is about the season two episode.

"First Day" is the twenty-fifth episode in Season Two (and thirty-seventh episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on July 11, 2011.


In this prequel episode detailing Mordecai and Rigby's first day at the park, they compete for a sofa (which is to be thrown away) by playing rock-paper-scissors.


Mordecai and Rigby find a newspaper ad posted by Benson desperately wanting groundskeepers, so they answer the advertisement to Pops, who gives them the job. They get their bedroom (which is empty at the time), and drink two cases of soda while bringing in a pile of old clothes, a blanket, a pillow, and an alarm clock. When they wake up the next morning, they go downstairs to eat breakfast, only to realize that there's only one clean bowl and spoon left for cereal. They play punchies for it. Due to Rigby's lack of muscle, Mordecai wins the bowl for cereal and the spoon. Benson and Pops come in, carrying Pop's old sofa and Mordecai and Rigby follow them outside to claim the chair. Benson tells them that it's being thrown away. However, Mordecai and Rigby want to keep it, then Mordecai tells to Rigby that he will sit on it, and when he sit in, He feels like that chair isn't uncomfortable and he tells Rigby to sit in. And Rigby also see that chair is not uncomfortable. And he asks Pops that they must throw away, instead of throwing the chair away, So they play Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who gets it. They start playing, and tie, over and over again. Benson drives by to see them doing this, and warns them that it's an "evil game." After tying for the one hundredth time, a disembodied voice says "Since no-one can decide, and all that's played is ties... I take it upon myself to eat your prize!" A black hole enters with a potentially lovecraftian monster inside who appears briefly to scream at Mordecai and Rigby. The black hole begins to eat the chair. Mordecai and Rigby run for cover at the doorstep, then Rigby runs back when he sees the chair getting sucked into the hole. Mordecai goes after Rigby, leaving Pops after them. Pops clings onto a lightpost while Mordecai clings onto Rigby who clings onto the chair. Pop's grip on the lightpost is released, but they are caught by Skips as they slide to their death, the latter telling everybody to pass on the message of holding on. However, when Mordecai is about to tell Rigby, he sees that Rigby has his head inside the hole! Benson drives the cart slowly, pulling Rigby out. He drives into the garage door, out of room, so he tells the two to end the tie. Mordecai tells Rigby his move and despite Rigby's doubts, they throw down one last time.

Afterward, the black hole is gone and the park is a mess. Mordecai asks Rigby if he won, but Rigby replies that he failed to hold onto the chair, with one side horribly burnt. Benson screams at the two, tells Pops he's coming with him, and orders Mordecai and Rigby to flip the cart over, throw out the chair, and clean up the entire mess. And Benson tells them if this mess won't be cleaned up when he will back, they'll be fired; afterwards, he, Pops, and Skips leave, as the two then play a game of rock, paper, scissors for who to drive the cart, ending the episode.


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  • This is an updated and extended version of the pilot episode made to act as a prequel for the rest of the series.
  • When Skips says, “What do we do?”, and then Benson says, “You have to break the tie!”, these voice lines were not swapped for this version. It was that way in the pilot episode, because the creators hadn’t confirmed who was the ‘smart one’. In the end, it turned out to be Skips, but they still didn’t swap the lines. The reason for this is unknown.

Differences From the Pilot[]

  • Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost appear in the episode, and Muscle Man says a "my mom" joke and he, Pops, and Hi Five Ghost laugh.
  • Opening sequence showing the Park's environment and Mordecai and Rigby arriving.
  • In the end of the pilot, Mordecai asks Rigby to play rock-paper-scissors for whom to drive the cart; in this episode, Rigby asks Mordecai instead.
  • Mordecai and Rigby stretch out before they play.
  • Mordecai and Rigby are shown waking up in their rooms.
  • Rigby tells Pops he should throw the chair out at one point, and Pops says he was.
    • Mordecai comments that the chair looks awesome.
  • Mordecai tries to do positions with the chair in many ways to feel comfortable.
  • There is an added ending where Mordecai and Rigby say they won't ever screw the job up again.
  • Mordecai asks Rigby how are they playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  • In the beginning, Mordecai and Rigby agree that they won't screw up the job, at the end of this episode; they agreed the same thing from the start.
  • Pops is shown speaking over a walkie talkie announcing that Mordecai and Rigby are playing the exciting game of "Quarts, Parchment Shears"
  • Rigby is edited with more teeth in some original scenes from the pilot.
  • Benson had nostrils in some scenes of the pilot. In this version, his nostrils are gone.
  • Like Benson, Skips' nostrils were also more prominent in the pilot especially in the scenes where he is holding Pops and cart. These were mostly edited out with the exception of him grunting after asking Benson what to do.
    • Skip's eyelashes are also edited out when he asks Benson what to do while holding Pops and the cart.
  • The scene where Benson is stepping on the cart's gas pedal was shortened slightly.

Pop Culture References[]

  • "I'm Alright" by Kenny Loggins plays at the beginning of the episode which is a reference to the 1980 comedy movie Caddyshack.

Production Notes[]

  • This episode attracted 2.634 million viewers at its premiere, making it the most viewed episode of Season Two.