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(The episode begins with a firework shooting up in the air and exploding.)

Rigby: Muscle Man, there is no way you're gonna pull this off.

Muscle Man: I swear, I've done it, before.

Mordecai and Rigby: Pffffft.

Muscle Man: Watch me!

(Muscle Man lights up two gun lighters and lights up two fireworks. The two fireworks shoot up in the air, they bump and explode. Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost watch the fireworks.)

Mordecai, Muscle Man, and Hi-Five Ghost: Whooooa...

Rigby: Oh, wow.

(The tiny spark from the fireworks itself lights up all the fireworks. They look back, and then the fireworks explode. All of the fireworks goes up and explode all at the same time. Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost look at the fireworks, while all of this is going on, Benson appears on the scene. Benson looks at the fireworks exploding, and the grand finale explodes with the words "HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!" Benson turns red, clearly enraged by what he has seen, he gets out the cart and goes up to them.)


Muscle Man: We were just...


Muscle Man: Just hang on now, Benson. I know this looks bad, but I can fix it.


Muscle Man: I know, I know. Just hear me out. I know a guy who's got the hook up on cheap fireworks.


Muscle Man: Benson, trust me. This guy's stuff is quality. I'll pay for it out of my own pocket.

Benson: Alright, fine! But if you guys aren't back before the show starts at sundown, YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!

(Benson drives away, still fuming.)

Mordecai: Dude, you better to be able to get those fireworks.

Muscle Man: Don't worry, we'll get 'em.

(Clock transition to a desert where the gang are driving the cart and a sign reading "SOUTH OF THE LINE" features the mascot eating chile rellenos. The gang then make the turn into South of the Line.)

Rigby: Dude, no way. Is this where they make South of the Line Chile Rellenos?

Mordecai: Oh, yeah. I heard about those. These are the really spicy ones right?

Muscle Man: Yeah, my boy Hector runs this place.

Rigby: So they sell fireworks here?

Muscle Man: Yeah, but it's just a little business he's got goin' on inside. So keep it under DL. Alright, you guys just stay put and don't go anywhere! I'll be right back.

(Muscle Man leaves the cart, knocks on the door to the warehouse, and whistles. Then a man is seen looking through a peephole.)

Man: Are you lookin' for somethin' friend?

Muscle Man: Um, I'm here to see Hector. Oh man.

(The man then brings Muscle Man into the warehouse. A couple of employees are also bringing in Mordecai, Rigby, and HFG.)

Rigby: Let go of me! Dude, what's goin' on!

Muscle Man: (To Rigby) Just keep your mouth shut!

(A door opens to reveal Hector and a couple of employees)

Muscle Man: (nervously) Hey, Hector.

(Hector cracks his neck from side to side and laughs)

Hector: Muscle Man! (hugs Muscle Man) It's good to see you, mi hermano! Why don't you never come to visit me, huh?

Muscle Man: (nervously) I.

Hector: Who are your friends?

Muscle Man: (nervously) Oh it's just a couple of...friends from The Park.

Hector: Oh. Well, welcome...friends from The Park. (laughs)

(Mordecai, Rigby, and HFG nervously say Nice to meet you)

(Hector's employees bring him a chair, and he sits on it)

Hector: (Talking to Muscle Man) So, tell me. To what do I owe this pleasure? Ah, let me guess! You're here for some of the world's spiciest chile rellenos!

Muscle Man: (nervously) Oh, thanks Hector. But, we were actually wondering if we could get some...fireworks.

Hector: Some what?

Muscle Man: (nervously) Um...just some fireworks.

Hector: (talking to his employees) I don't think I heard him correctly. Did you hear what he just said?

Employee: He said fireworks.

Hector: Oh, fireworks. (He screams in anger, throws the chair at the wall, and yells at Muscle Man) YOU COME HERE ASKIN' ME FOR FIREWORKS ON THE FOURTH OF JULY?!!

Muscle Man: Look, we screwed up and blew all of our fireworks by accident.

Hector: So you think you can just come to your uncle Hector and then bear you out huh?! I understand people make mistakes, and I'm a reasonable man. (calls for the person with the fireworks)

(A forklift came with a crate and Hector opens it, revealing fireworks)

Hector: Does this please you?

Mordecai, Rigby, and HFG: Oh yeah.

Muscle Man: That's perfect. Thank you, Hector.

Hector: (asking for money) Then hand it over. (Muscle Man hands him an envelope. He looks in it and is in shock) Where is the rest?

Muscle Man: What do you mean? It's all there.

Hector: But these are last minute fireworks, it's gonna cost you double!

Muscle Man: But that is all we have!

Hector: It's one box minimum. You can't afford it, then get out of my place of business!

Rigby: (points to El Diablo) How 'bout you just give us that one big one over there.

(Scene shows El Diablo, a firework displayed in a glass case)

Hector: (laughs) You want to buy El Diablo? Let me tell you a little story about El Diablo. It has been prophesized that if it is ever lit it will kill me, so no it is not for sale!

(Muscle Man pushes the people behind him and jumps onto Hector's leg)

Muscle Man: C'mon, Hector, please, you gotta hook us up with the fireworks! We'll do anything!

Hector: Ahh! (shakes Muscle Man off his leg) Get off of me you filthy dog! Alright! You want the fireworks so bad! (takes out a package from his pocket, and tosses it to Muscle Man) Here! If you deliver this package with no questions asked, I will give you that box of fireworks!

Muscle Man: Oh, thank you, Hector! Thank you!

(Clock transition to another part of the desert where the gang drives up to a business with a few men outside sitting at a table)

Muscle Man: Alright. Let's do this.

(The gang gets off the cart as a man walks up with a shotgun)

Man: Can I help you?

Muscle Man: We're here to deliver a package for Armando.

(Muscle Man knocks on the door)

Armando: (Inside) What's the matter with you?! I got a caller in here! You're costing me money! (opens door) What?!

Muscle Man: Armando.

Armando: Yeah!

Muscle Man: Package delivery from Hector.

Armando: Oh! (takes package) Then come on in! (The gang goes inside) Just wait here for a minute. I got something for you to deliver to Hector.

(The door closes behind him.)

Mordecai: Uh... we kinda have to get going.

Armando: Yeah, have a seat! (The gang sits down on the couch) Yeah, have a seat. (closes door to factory, and yells) Keep going ladies why are you so lazy?!

(A dog walks up to the gang with a chile relleno in his mouth and growls)

Hi Five Ghost: (nervously) Nice doggy!

Rigby: Forget this I'm going to find this dude.

Mordecai: Rigby, wait!

Mordecai, Muscle Man, and HFG: (to Rigby) Dude! No! Don't!

(Mordecai, Muscle Man, and HFG goes after Rigby, who opens the door to the factory)

Rigby: Whoa!

(The scene reveals workers working in the factory making 'South of the Line' chile rellenos, Armando rips the paper on the side of the package and the words gun powder is shown, and pours gunpowder in the chile rellenos)

Rigby: They're putting gunpowder in the South of the Line chile rellenos!

Armando: (To the gang) I told you to wait!

(Armando whistles and the gang are bagged up by his employees, the next scene reveals the screen to be black)

Rigby: Dude, what's goin' on?!

(A car labeled 'South of the Line' on the back window drops off the gang. They are unbagged as they are chained to a bench)

Hector: Tisk, Tisk, Tisk! Looks like somebody stopped their noses somewhere they don't belong!

Muscle Man: Hector, we can explain!

Hector: No! Let me explain something to you, amigo. The FDA allows 0% gunpowder in each chile relleno. Do you know how much gunpowder is in each South of the Line chile relleno? 500%!

(The gang gasps)

Muscle Man: We're not gonna tell the FDA, Hector!

Hector: I know you're not gonna tell the FDA (takes out chile rellenos), 'cuz we're gonna blow you into a million little Muscle Man pieces! (laughs)

Mordecai: Hector, you don't have to do this!

Hector: Oh don't worry! It's no trouble really! (laughs)

(He lights up the chile rellenos with a gun lighter)

Hector: Happy Fourth of July! (laughs)

(Hector and his employees go into another room where they watch the gang through a window)

Hector: (laughs)

(The gang struggles to break free)

Mordecai: Muscle Man, (struggles to break free) how do you even know this guy?!

Rigby: Yeah! You got us into this Muscle Man!

Hi Five Ghost: What are we gonna do?!

(Hector is still watching through the window, while eating a chile relleno and chuckling evilly)

Muscle Man: I got an idea, follow my lead! Stand! (The gang stands up with the bench) Now turn around! (The gang turns around)

Hector: Let's stop them! (one of his employees is trying to find the right key) C'mon! C'mon!

(The chile rellenos explode and the blast shatters the bench into pieces, unchaining the gang in the process)

Mordecai: Let's go!

Hector: Give me the keys! (Hector struggles to unlock the door) AAAHH!

(Rigby grabs El Diablo from the glass case and runs out of the door)

Muscle Man: Let's go! Let's go!

(Hector finally unlocks the door)

Hector: Get them!

(Muscle Man picks up a chile relleno and locks the door and uses a broom to jam it. He throws the chile relleno through the window and it lands on the other chile relleno. The South of the Line explodes as the gang drive away using the cart. The sun is shown to be setting)

Rigby: We're not gonna make it!

Muscle Man: HAAA!

(Muscle Man steps on the accelerator and the cart goes faster)

(The scene changes to the park)

Spectator #1: Hey! What's going on? Why aren't they starting yet?

Spectator #2: Yeah! It's sundown.

(The spectators start to protest.)

Benson: I'm going to ask you to please remain patient. The fireworks show will commence shortly.

(Benson then screams in anger, unheard by the audience.)

Benson: (to Skips) I knew I couldn't trust them.

(The cart is shown to have entered the park. The gang gets off the cart and Muscle Man places El Diablo in the ground)

Benson: Where have you guys been? I told you to get here before the show!

Mordecai: Sorry it took so long.

Muscle Man: We're good to go! Rack 'em and stack 'em!

Benson: (snatches the lighter gun from Skips) Wait, where's the rest of the fireworks?

Muscle Man: That's all we could get.

Benson: You guys only got one firework?

Rigby: That's not just any firework.

Benson: This wasn't the deal! You guys were supposed to replace the ones that you set off this morning.  That's it, I'm calling it off. You guys are all fired! (walks back to the microphone about to call off the show.)

Hi-Five Ghost: What?!

Muscle Man: Oh, come on Benson!

(Hector suddenly arrives, wielding a golden rifle)

Hector: Ah-Ah-Ahhh... Hand it over. 

(Benson is scared. He reluctantly gives Hector the gun lighter)

Benson: Who are you?!

Hector: I'm the guy whose business your employees just destroyed. I'm also the guy who's gonna blow you all sky-high with this! (he gets a rocket from his pocket and puts it in the rifle) Starting with you, JEFE (Aims at Benson. Hector activates the gun lighter)

Muscle Man: Men! What are we gonna do?

Mordecai: I think I got an idea. (whispers to the other guys) Hey Hector! Your Chile Rellenos are the least spicy Chile Rellenos in the world.

Hector: (stops from lighting the rocket) WHAT?!

Rigby: Yeah! They're not even world-renowned!

Muscle Man: Nobody's even heard about them, Hector!

High Five Ghost: (sprouts two hands) And...all the people who have heard about them, don't even think they're spicy.

Hector: (slowly at first) South of the Line Chile Rellenos… are the spiciest... most world-renowned... (begins raising his voice) CHILE RELLENOS... IN THE WORLD! (he lights up the rocket and shoots it at the gang)

Mordecai: NOW!

(The rocket hits El Diablo and some Chile Rellenos, which sets off El Diablo.)

Hector: NO, THE PROPHECY!!!!

(El Diablo shoots to the sky and a firework version of the South of the Line mascot appears in the sky. Everyone cheers as the mascot starts to spangle. The gang and Hector look up in the sky.)

Hector: She's even more beautiful than I could ever imagined.

(The mascot repeatedly fires his revovlers as everyone cheers, then he turns to Hector)

El Diablo: Hector.

Hector: NOOOOO!!! (As he retreats, the mascot drops his revolvers, grabs his shotgun and starts shooting a firework at Hector. As Hector continues running away, the firework sends him flying up in the air, screaming. The mascot then repeatedly pumps his rifle and shoots fireworks at Hector. The mascot then pumps his rifle and shoots the last firework at Hector) No! (The last firework sends him back to the warehouse as he's screaming and falling)

(He and the South of the Line sign explode, killing him, as the fireworks starts to spangle. The spectators and the gang cheer.)

Benson: Hahahahaha. Alright, you guys, somehow you manage to top last year's firework show, so I'm guess I'm not gonna fire you.

Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost: Alright! Yeah! Yes! Alright.

Benson: In fact, I'm putting you four in charge of a very special job.

Rigby: Oh, cool. What special job?


Muscle Man: (to the guys) Don't worry, I know a guy who's got the hook up on real cheap sod.

(Episode ends)